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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/textproc/py-sphinx py-sphinx: updated to 1.8.0

branches:  trunk
changeset: 312752:5d5436d18315
user:      adam <>
date:      Thu Sep 13 07:36:52 2018 +0000

py-sphinx: updated to 1.8.0

Release 1.8.0:

* LaTeX: :confval:latex_use_xindy, if True (default for
  xelatex/lualatex), instructs make latexpdf to use :program:xindy
  for general index.  Make sure your LaTeX distribution includes it.

Incompatible changes
* html theme: refer pygments_style settings of HTML themes
* The URL of download files are changed
* quickstart: Makefile and make.bat are not overwritten if exists

* the :py:mod:sphinx.ext.graphviz: extension runs dot in the
  directory of the document being built instead of in the root directory of
  the documentation.
* extensions which stores any data to environment should return the
  version of its env data structure as metadata.  In detail, please see
* Sphinx expects source parser modules to have supported file formats as
  Parser.supported attribute
* The default value of :confval:epub_author and :confval:epub_publisher are
  changed from 'unknown' to the value of :confval:author.  This is same as
  a file sphinx-build generates.
* The gettext_compact attribute is removed from document.settings
  object.  Please use config.gettext_compact instead.
* The processing order on reading phase is changed.  smart_quotes, sphinx
  domains, :event:doctree-read event and versioning doctrees are invoked
  earlier than so far.  For more details, please read a description of
* All substitution_definition nodes are removed from doctree on
  reading phase
* docutils.conf on $HOME and /etc directories are ignored.  Only
  docutils.conf on confdir is refered.
* :samp: role supports to escape curly braces with backslash
* The files under :confval:html_static_path are excluded from source
* latex: Use \sphinxcite for citation references instead \hyperref
* The config value viewcode_import is renamed to
* latex: :confval:latex_show_pagerefs does not add pagerefs for
* latex: Now "rubric" elements are rendered as unnumbered section title
* html: The anchor for productionlist tokens has been changed
* Modifying a template variable script_files in templates is allowed now.
  Please use app.add_js_file() instead.
* Save environment object also with only new documents
* qthelp builder allows dashes in :confval:qthelp_namespace
* LaTeX: with lualatex or xelatex use by default :program:xindy as
  UTF-8 able replacement of :program:makeindex.  After
  upgrading Sphinx, please clean latex build repertory of existing project
  before new build.
* html: hlist items are now aligned to top
* highlightlang directive is processed on resolving phase
* latex: LaTeX template has been chaned.  Following elements are moved
  into the template:
  - \begin{document}
  - shorthandoff variable
  - maketitle variable
  - tableofcontents variable

* is deprecated
* is deprecated
* sphinx.util.i18n.find_catalog_source_file() has changed; the
  *gettext_compact* argument has been deprecated
* sphinx.util.images.guess_mimetype() has changed; the *content*
  argument has been deprecated

* :confval:source_parsers is deprecated
* :confval:autodoc_default_flags is deprecated
* quickstart: --epub option becomes default, so it is deprecated
* Drop function based directive support.  For now, Sphinx only supports class
  based directives.
* sphinx.util.docutils.directive_helper() is deprecated
* sphinx.cmdline is deprecated
* sphinx.make_mode is deprecated
* sphinx.locale.l_() is deprecated
* helper function warn() for HTML themes is deprecated
* app.override_domain() is deprecated
* app.add_stylesheet() is deprecated
* app.add_javascript() is deprecated
* app.import_object() is deprecated
* app.add_source_parser() has changed;  the *suffix* argument has been
* sphinx.versioning.prepare() is deprecated
* Config.__init__() has changed;  the *dirname*, *filename* and *tags*
  argument has been deprecated
* Config.check_types() is deprecated
* Config.check_unicode() is deprecated
* sphinx.application.CONFIG_FILENAME is deprecated
* highlightlang directive is deprecated
* BuildEnvironment.load() is deprecated
* BuildEnvironment.loads() is deprecated
* BuildEnvironment.frompickle() is deprecated
* env.read_doc() is deprecated
* env.update() is deprecated
* env._read_serial() is deprecated
* env._read_parallel() is deprecated
* env.write_doctree() is deprecated
* env._nitpick_ignore is deprecated
* env.versionchanges is deprecated
* env.dump() is deprecated
* env.dumps() is deprecated
* env.topickle() is deprecated
* env.note_versionchange() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.Table.caption_footnotetexts is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.Table.header_footnotetexts is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.footnotestack is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.in_container_literal_block is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.next_section_ids is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.next_hyperlink_ids is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.restrict_footnote() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.unrestrict_footnote() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.push_hyperlink_ids() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.pop_hyperlink_ids() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.check_latex_elements() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.bibitems is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.hlsettingstack is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.latex.ExtBabel.get_shorthandoff() is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang_base is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlangopts is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator.highlightlinenothreshold is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlang_base is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlangopts is deprecated
* sphinx.writers.html5.HTMLTranslator.highlightlinenothreshold is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase extension is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.math node is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.displaymath node is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.eqref node is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.is_in_section_title() is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.MathDomain is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.setup_math() is deprecated
* sphinx.directives.other.VersionChanges is deprecated
* sphinx.highlighting.PygmentsBridge.unhighlight() is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.get_node_equation_number() is deprecated
* sphinx.ext.mathbase.wrap_displaymath() is deprecated
* The trim_doctest_flags argument of sphinx.highlighting.PygmentsBridge
  is deprecated

Features added
* Ensure frozen object descriptions are reproducible
* apidoc: Add --tocfile option to change the filename of ToC

* Add :event:config-inited event
* Add sphinx.config.Any to represent the config value accepts any type of
* :confval:source_suffix allows a mapping fileext to file types
* Add :confval:author as a configuration value
* imgconverter: Support to convert GIF to PNG
* sphinx-build command supports i18n console output
* Add app.add_message_catalog() and sphinx.locale.get_translations() to
  support translation for 3rd party extensions
* helper function warning() for HTML themes is added
* Add Domain.enumerable_nodes to manage own enumerable nodes for domains
* Add a new keyword argument override to Application APIs
* LaTeX: new key 'fvset' for :confval:latex_elements. For
  XeLaTeX/LuaLaTeX its default sets fanvyvrb to use normal, not small,
  fontsize in code-blocks
* Add :confval:html_css_files and :confval:epub_css_files for adding CSS
  files from configuration
* Add :confval:html_js_files for adding JS files from configuration
* Ensure set object descriptions are reproducible.
* Allow to override :confval:numfig_format partially.  Full definition
  is not needed.
* Improve warning messages during including
* LaTeX: separate customizability of :rst:role:guilabel and
* Add classmethod to create a new config object from
  configuration file
* Wrap graphviz diagrams in <div> tag
* viewcode: Add :event:viewcode-find-source and
  :event:viewcode-follow-imported to load source code without loading
* napoleon: Add strings to translation file for localisation
* Display a warning when invalid values are passed to linenothreshold
  option of highlight directive
* C++:
  - Add a cpp:texpr role as a sibling to cpp:expr.
  - Add support for unions.
  - add support for anonymous entities using names staring with @.
  - add support for (most) character literals.
  - Cross-referencing entities inside primary templates is supported,
    and now properly documented.
  - add new cross-referencing format for cpp:any and cpp:func roles,
    for referencing specific function overloads.

* MathJax should be loaded with async attribute
* html: Output canonical_url metadata if :confval:html_baseurl set
* autosummary: expose inherited_members to template
* mathjax: Add :confval:mathjax_options to give options to script tag
  for mathjax
* latex: Don't overwrite .tex file if document not changed
* latex: Add alphanumeric enumerated list support
* Add :confval:latex_use_xindy for UTF-8 savvy indexing, defaults to True
  if :confval:latex_engine is 'xelatex' or 'lualatex'.
* now supports location parameter
* setuptools: support nitpicky option
* autoclass directive supports nested class
* Add app.add_html_math_renderer() to register a math renderer for HTML
* Apply :confval:trim_doctest_flags to all builders (cf. text, manpages)
* linkcheck: Add better Accept header to HTTP client
* sphinx-build: Add --keep-going option to show all warnings
* Add :rst:role:math:numref role to refer equations (Same as :rst:role:eq)
* quickstart: epub builder is enabled by default
* Add :confval:singlehtml_sidebars to configure sidebars for singlehtml
* doctest: Skip doctest conditionally
* autodoc: emit a warning for invalid typehints
* autodoc: Add :confval:autodoc_default_options which accepts
  option values as dict

Bugs fixed
* html: search box overrides to other elements if scrolled
* i18n: warnings for translation catalogs have wrong line numbers
* latex: cross references has been broken by multiply labeled objects
* C++, fixes for symbol addition and lookup. Lookup should no longer break
  in partial builds.
* download reference to remote file is not displayed
* html theme: pygments_style of theme was overrided by
  by default
* toctree shows confusible warning when document is excluded
* autodoc: :members: causes :special-members: not to be shown
* autodoc: ImportError is replaced by AttributeError for deeper module
* Incorrect links with :download:, duplicate names, and
  parallel builds
* autodoc: failed to analyze source code in egg package
* Sphinx crashes if unknown po file exists

* i18n: message catalogs were reset on each initialization
* latex: footnote inside footnote was not rendered
* i18n: fix lang_COUNTRY not fallback correctly for IndexBuilder. Thanks
  to Shengjing Zhu.
* productionlist directive generates invalid IDs for the tokens
* (lualatex) PDF build fails if indexed word starts with Unicode character
* latex: index headings "Symbols" and "Numbers" not internationalized
* sphinx-build: Handle errors on scanning documents
* epub: spine has been broken when "self" is listed on toctree
* autosummary does not understand docstring of module level attributes
* C++, prevent nested declarations in functions to avoid lookup problems.
* C++, add missing isPack method for certain template parameter types.
* C++, parse attributes on declerators as well.
* C++, parse delete expressions and basic new expressions as well.
* graphviz: SVGs do not adapt to the column width

Features removed
* sphinx.ext.pngmath extension

* Fix wrong make.bat option for internationalization.
* napoleon: add admonitions added by 4613 to the docs.


 textproc/py-sphinx/Makefile |   4 ++--
 textproc/py-sphinx/PLIST    |  45 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 textproc/py-sphinx/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 3 files changed, 46 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

diffs (182 lines):

diff -r 7b4dcf0814f3 -r 5d5436d18315 textproc/py-sphinx/Makefile
--- a/textproc/py-sphinx/Makefile       Thu Sep 13 02:57:43 2018 +0000
+++ b/textproc/py-sphinx/Makefile       Thu Sep 13 07:36:52 2018 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.56 2018/09/06 09:26:43 adam Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.57 2018/09/13 07:36:52 adam Exp $
-DISTNAME=      Sphinx-1.7.9
+DISTNAME=      Sphinx-1.8.0
 CATEGORIES=    textproc python
diff -r 7b4dcf0814f3 -r 5d5436d18315 textproc/py-sphinx/PLIST
--- a/textproc/py-sphinx/PLIST  Thu Sep 13 02:57:43 2018 +0000
+++ b/textproc/py-sphinx/PLIST  Thu Sep 13 07:36:52 2018 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.22 2018/04/25 08:08:21 adam Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.23 2018/09/13 07:36:52 adam Exp $
@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@
@@ -88,6 +91,9 @@
@@ -118,12 +124,18 @@
@@ -256,9 +268,6 @@
@@ -280,6 +289,9 @@
@@ -370,6 +382,9 @@
@@ -523,6 +538,7 @@
@@ -547,12 +563,17 @@
@@ -585,7 +606,7 @@
@@ -594,7 +615,7 @@
@@ -679,6 +700,12 @@
@@ -688,6 +715,9 @@
@@ -730,6 +760,9 @@
diff -r 7b4dcf0814f3 -r 5d5436d18315 textproc/py-sphinx/distinfo
--- a/textproc/py-sphinx/distinfo       Thu Sep 13 02:57:43 2018 +0000
+++ b/textproc/py-sphinx/distinfo       Thu Sep 13 07:36:52 2018 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.36 2018/09/06 09:26:43 adam Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.37 2018/09/13 07:36:52 adam Exp $
-SHA1 (Sphinx-1.7.9.tar.gz) = 3182158c8e532bfc7d7a1c856c19b0648c06b0ff
-RMD160 (Sphinx-1.7.9.tar.gz) = c6d675c562835578d6d4a5f95b0ea54e43f90c65
-SHA512 (Sphinx-1.7.9.tar.gz) = 62336680499eca4736615270f3b7dcea034d58602ed52c59936a29d0952657fe5b4c810f0e7039600b5f31f4a145f4b7a76f70dfd63498a576ad0f67c04bbebf
-Size (Sphinx-1.7.9.tar.gz) = 4727657 bytes
+SHA1 (Sphinx-1.8.0.tar.gz) = cb091744da7c3dc770d41ac8c7f5e0f406daeeff
+RMD160 (Sphinx-1.8.0.tar.gz) = aa5991f7cf2408cd52322001d22b55031e961f37
+SHA512 (Sphinx-1.8.0.tar.gz) = cb49a0728cc333929dc825199d35c5c5c0c8088e7bc42c96a96dd08e4f37904146eee2f6ca1f0aa04b1c983c297d547e31840077b1062dff48568dfd4347c855
+Size (Sphinx-1.8.0.tar.gz) = 5751045 bytes

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