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branches:  trunk
changeset: 312537:c900f4f6803f
user:      nia <>
date:      Thu Sep 06 08:13:54 2018 +0000

emulators/libretro-fbalpha: Update to libretro-fbalpha-

Fixes and new features

    Use real MCU for Tokio [Barry]
    Fix state issues with Slap Fight/Tiger Heli [dink]
    Fix incremental search and sort alphabetically w/"Use Zipnames". [dink]
    Improve incremental search in the game list. This search is when you type at the game list (not the search box) for example: to get to "Super Cobra" really fast, type "superco" - or - "doublew" 
for "Double Wings". Whatever you are searching for - just leave out the space. If "Use Zipnames" is selected, type in the romset name or a subset of it. [dink]
    Fix a few video bugs and state issues in "The Lost Castle in Dark Mist" [dink]
    Fix dac sounds in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Trilogy hack [dink]
    Fix B-Wings (Alt) set boot issue [dink]
    Fix color issues in Gold Medalist [iq_132]
    Z80 Core, small improvement to vector handling [dink]
    Parents Only option for driver icons (for systems that have problems with driver icons) [dink]
    Create new interface and port eke-eke's high quality ym2612 core from Genplus-gx [dink]
        Fixes SFX sounds in Streets of Rage 2
        Fixes lead and percussive guitar sounds in Mega Turrican's intro
    Fix crash with NBA Jam Tournament Edition on Megadrive [dink]
    Improve 68k timing for Megadrive, fixes... [dink]
        Graphics issues/corruption in Galahad
        Flickery separator line in VS mode on Sonic 2 and 3
        Fix freeze with Desert Strike on Megadrive
        Overall, probably improves everything
    Fix music hangs in Sonic 3 when Sonic is underwater (Z80 timing) [dink]
    Fix PGM Arm7 crash on 64bit systems w/theglad, kov* [dink]
    Sync. romsets with MAME 0.188 [Barry]
    Sync. some romsets with MAME 0.189 [JacKc]
    Fix Robocop2 ending credits scrolltext (8x8 offset masking) [iq_132]
    Fix for replays desynching with games that use SRAM/NVRAM [dink]
    Strikers 1945 Plus music fix [dink]
    Fix Palette Viewer for games with BDF_16BIT_ONLY flag [dink]
    Port Z180 Core from MAME and create FBAlpha-style cpu interface [Barry, iq_132]
    Hook-up Z180 sound-cpu in GHOX [Barry]
    Games using flag BDF_16BIT_ONLY are no longer 1-frame behind emulation, other projects using FBAlpha please take note (see intf/video/vid_interface.cpp) [dink]
    Fix DAC(psg) sounds in Afterburner II Megadrive [dink]
    Added define to log ram usage in src/burn/burn_memory.cpp [iq_132]
    Fixed Archery level in Konami's '88 Games [dink, Gab75]
    Fixed inputs for Nayade Resistance and Crazy Buggy on MSX [dink]
    Hooked up protected versions of Alligator hunt, Touch & Go, Maniac Square in Gaelco2 Hardware [iq_132]
    Fixed Music/SFX pitch in Arbalester, and occasional "Illegal Inst." error when playing w/Keyboard [dink]
    Hook up protection MCU for protected version of Glass [iq_132]
    Fixed palette recalc issue w/some Taito-Z games, fixes weird colors when switching BPP during game [dink]
    Fixed cut-short continue message in Data East's Breakthru [dink]
    Fixed small memory leaks in dynamic Huffman compression [dink]
    Hook up MCU to Tough Turf (U) and Wrestle War, fix Tough Turf (J) [Barry]
    Fixed 2-Player mode in Wonder Boy in Monster Land (System1) [dink]
    Fixed distorted sounds in Time Pilot, Time Pilot '84, Tutanham and Commando Sega [dink]
    Added Single-Screen modes (DIPS) to Gaelco's World Rally 2 and Data East's Backfire! [dink]
    Fixed screen corruption at end of race in Hang-On Jr. / v-scrolling issue in Sega System E [dink]
    Added notaz's BCD fixes to the Musashi 68k cpu core [dink]
    Added i8x41/UPI-41 cpu core [iq_132]
    Sync. romsets with MAME 0.191 [Barry]
    Fixed occasional distorted graphics in Konami's Jail Break when playing w/Keyboard [dink]
    Fixed deroon's inputs (irq timing) [dink]
    New feature for Lord of Gun: shoot any side to reload [dink]
    Added support for Multi/Connected sprites in Toaplan GP9001 emulation, fixes GHOX's Highscore background [dink]
    UI Change, the search box text will be preserved between game loads [dink]
    Fix for Use and Select buttons were erraneously swapped in Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [dink]
    Fix spritelag issue in Ryu Jin [dink]
    Add missing third button to Life Force (Japan) [dink, gamezfan]
    Improve paddle emulation in Gee Bee, Bomb Bee and Cutie Q [dink]
    Fix sound issues with Phoenix and savestates [dink]
    Fix freeze in Kaitei Takara Sagashi while starting a new game [dink]
    Increase the sound level for all Taito F3 games [dink]
    Small improvement to the search box. Now, for example "namco system 1", "namco system 2" or "taito f3" can be searched for [dink]
    Fix color issues and impliment transmask groups for Mad Gear / Led Storm, fixing level 2+ [dink]
    Fix missing tiles and scrolling issues in Last Duel level 2 [dink]
    Fixed many graphical issues in Magical Crystals [dink]
    Fixed input and sound issues in Zoar [dink]
    Fixed timing issue in Burnin' Rubber / Bump 'n Jump [dink]
    Fixed p3 / p4 inputs in Bucky and Moo Mesa [dink]
    Fixed Kaiser Knuckle 2p Kick buttons [shine]
    Fixed transparency issue in Motos [iq_132]
    Fixed an input issue in CPS3 when opposite directions are pressed [dink]
    Converted 1942 and Gun.Smoke over to the new tilemap system [iq_132]
    Updated the ARM core to fix problems with Deco MLC and Deco 156 games [dink]
    Fix byte, word, and quad-long DMA Transfers in SH-2 [dink]
    Added stereo mode to DAC [dink]
    Added bsmt2k and decobsmt soundcores [iq_132, dink]
    Fixed sounds/sfx in Gouketsuji Gaiden Legends [dink]
    Fixed occasional clicks/pops at the beginning of emulation if the last game played was exited while the msm6295 was playing something [dink]
    Fixed the fog-fadeout in the end-boss scene and other alpha-transparency issues in Moo Mesa [dink]
    Fixed several minor graphic bugs in Hangzo [dink]
    Slight drawing optimization for Robocop 2 and Edrandy [dink]
    Fixed bad fades in Ninja Baseball Batman and occasional tilemap studder in R-Type LEO [dink]
    Enabled High Score saves for most Irem M72 games [dink]
    Fixed k054539 savestates and reverb function [dink]
    Fixed graphics issues in Irem's Major Title making the game fully playable [dink]
    Fixed music issues in Sol Divide [dink, barbudreadmon]
    Added speedhack dip options for Psikyo SH-2 games [barbudreadmon]
    Fixed k054539 pt.2: Use 3 different techniques (ramp to 0, check for bad last sample, slight modification to dpcm table) to get rid of clicky noises in 4bit dpcm sfx/voice samples (Moo Mesa, 
Bucky O'Hare, Mystic Warriors, Violent Storm, etc.) [dink]
    Fixed alpha effects in Bucky O'Hare title fadeout, and other transitional scene fades (tile layer 3 over/under sprites priority mode) [dink]
    Added Z180 support to BurnTimer [iq_132]
    Rewrite/Modernize drivers for 1943, Commando, Jack and the Giantkiller, Mole Attack, Mr. Flea, Route 16, and Bomb Jack [iq_132]
    Fixed Safari Hunting on SG-1000, thanks to Eke of Genesis Plus GX for info! [dink]
    Fixed palette/color issues in Spelunker 1 and 2 [dink]
    Added proper Draw handler to Irem M62 so paused games don't advance a frame during a window update/redraw [dink]
    Fixed Input Dialog: Populate the combo list with preset name when saving [Barry]
    Fixed broken lines in the boss tank for the M82 version of Air Duel [dink]
    Removed rom patch and added proper protection simulation to Route 16 [iq_132]
    Removed rom patch and added proper protection simulation to Meta Fox [iq_132]
    Fixed Tetrise and Hang-On Jr. dips [dink]
    Slight timing improvement for Kicker / Shaolin's Road [dink]
    Use event semaphores instead of polling for better DirectSound performance and timing [Jan Klaassen]
    Fix another cycle-related issue with ZetRunEnd, fixes sound issues with certain Neo-Geo games [dink]
    Enabled High Score saving for most CPS3 games [barbudreadmon]
    Fixed some palette issues in Super Burger Time [dink]
    Added M6502SetAddressMask() to the M6502 cpu core [iq_132]
    Added cubic resampling interpolater to the samples core [Jan Klaassen]
    Added speedhack dip options for Deco32 games [gamezfan, dink]
    Enabled High Score saving for Raiden [barbudreadmon]
    Updated K054539 pt.3, use cubic resampling for high quality sound [dink]
    Fixed timers in SN76477 sound core [dink]
    Fixed missing cut-scene graphics in Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon [Jan Klaassen]
    Update Namco System 2's soundcore w/cubic resampling for high quality sound [dink]
    Update Gaelco2 soundcore w/cubic resampling and fix crackle/pop!'s at beginning of samples [dink]
    Fixed layer priority masking in Black Tiger [vbt]
    Fixed the MSM6295 sampling rate in Batsugun and Truxton2 [yukaritamura (libretro-fba), dink]
    Add high-quality ICS2115 (pgm) soundcore from Jan, superior sound quality for all PGM games, fixes KOV2 music [Jan Klaassen]
    Update ES5505/6 soundcore w/cubic interp. resampling [dink]
    Increase volume in Gyruss and Monster Slider [dink]
    Fixed sound loss, palette fade bug and sprite clipping issues in Double Wings [dink]
    Added new interface for AY8910, updated all drivers to use it [iq_132]
    Emulated sound cpu and hooked up all sounds in Mario Bros. (mario) [dink]
    Added Sega TeamPlayer support to the Megadrive driver, enabling it for: Columns 3, Gauntlet 4, Mega Bomberman, Street Racer (...more to come..) [dink]
    Fixed player sprite color in Millipede [dink]
    Added speech to Gauntlet I and II - TMS5220 sound core ported to FBA [dink]
    Added save state support to the Irem M90 driver [dink]
    Cleaned up the sound in Donkey Kong to get rid of clicks in some sounds [dink]
    Fixed sound hz in Triple Punch and clones [dink]
    Standardize savestate calls amongst soundcores [iq_132]
    Fixed tilemap and sound synchronization issues in Rohga [dink]
    Hook up sound cpu and fix sprite offsets in Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!! on Teki Paki hardware [dink]
    Fixed video and audio issues in Risky Challenge, game now playable [dink, iq_132]
    Updated all FM soundcores using the timer system to require a lot less support code per driver (internalized *GetTime and *Synch.Stream) [dink]
    Fix the SRam implimentation on Megadrive [dink]
    Added EA "Four Way Play" support to Megadrive, enabled for General Chaos and Mutant League Hockey [dink]
    Added resampling to the ymf278b sound core, sounds right regardless of user sound rate [dink]
    Added a English fan-translations of the following Megadrive games: Battle Mania Daiginjou, Gleylancer, Tougiou King Colossus, Langrisser II, Phantasy Star II Adventure series games, Pulse Man, 
Twinkle Tale and Undead Line [barbudreadmon]
    Fixed color issues on Jupiter and occasional missing pixels on Neptune in Gyruss [dink]
    Added CPU_IRQSTATUS_HOLD to hd6309 cpu core [dink]
    Fixed ending scene and movement of the rock-wall dragon boss in Labyrinth Runner/Trick Trap [dink]
    Use a common timer value when starting netgames on Neo-Geo for better netgame sync. [Ponder]
    Added menu option (Misc -> Options) to enable/disable the High Resolution Timer - defaults to ON [dink]
    Added Sync. to DWM option for Windows 7 - 10 windowed mode [dink]
    Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition now runs at the right speed [dink, Barry]
    Fixed crash w/DX9 Blitters when going to the task manager in Win7+ when Auto Pause is off [dink]
    Updates to the uPD7810 cpu core [dink, iq_132]
    uPD7810 core, update some opcodes and add analog port reading for c-chip [dink, iq_132]
    Emulate Taito C-Chip for Superman, Bonze Adventure, Mega Blast, Rainbow Islands / Rainbow Islands Extra and Volfied [dink]
    Use 4-Way inputs for Volfied, making the game playable [dink]
    Fixed a problem where Bonze Adventure wasn't reading the dips [dink]
    Re-work tile:sprite priority system in Taito F2 [dink]
        Pulirula: fixes tile:sprite priorities and blending effects in level 2
        Liquid Kids: fixes the cut-scene/story between levels
        Metal Black: fixes missing moving letters before the titlescreen appears
    Improved DonPachi and DoDonPachi timing to respond to inputs in 2 frames instead of 4 [dink]
    Changed aspect ratio on Tecmo Bowl to look less squished [dink]
    Sync. romsets with MAME 0.197 [Barry]
    Analog input improvement for Konami GT and RF2 [dink]
    Fixed click when paused/dc offset issue in Cheeky Mouse [dink]
    Removed busyloop hacks from M6809, HD6309 and M6805 CPU Cores [dink]
    Update libpng to 1.6.34 [Barry]
    Improved timing in Heavy Unit and Ghosts'n Goblins (revisited) [dink]
    Fixed several bugs in the M6805 cpu core [dink]
    Fixed "BAD HARDWARE" error message in most versions of Arkanoid [dink]

New drivers

    Added driver for Pit n Run and Jump Kun [iq_132]
    Added driver for Glass by OMK/Gaelco [iq_132]
    Added driver for Thunder Hoop 2: TH Strikes Back [iq_132]
    Added driver for Manhattan, Highway Chase, Terranean, Astro Fantasia, Super Astro Fighter, Flash Boy, Lock 'n Chase, on Deco Cassette System hardware [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Pata Pata Panic [iq_132]
    Added driver for Pacman - 25th Anniversary Edition and Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga - 20th Anniversary Class of 1981 Reunion [iq_132]
    Added driver for Data East's Dream Ball [iq_132]
    Added driver for Heavy Smash and World Cup Volly '95 on Deco 156 hardware [iq_132]
    Added driver for Avengers in Galactic Storm, Stadium Hero '96, Skull Fang, Hoops '96, Dunk Dream '95 and Hoops on Deco MLC hardware [iq_132]
    Added driver for Captain America and The Avengers, Fighter's History, Night Slashers, Tattoo Assassins, and Dragon Gun on Deco 32 hardware [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Popper [iq_132]
    Added driver for Mosaic and Golden Fire II [iq_132]
    Added driver for Pipe Dream and Hatris [iq_132]
    Added driver for The Pit, Round Up/Fitter, Dockman/Portman, Super Mouse/Funny Mouse, Desert Dan and Intrepid [iq_132]
    Added driver for 3x3Puzzle and Casanova [iq_132]
    Added driver for Toaplan-1 games: Vimana, Outzone, Same! Same! Same!/FireShark, Demon's World, Zero Wing, Hellfire, Truxton and Rally Bike, replacing the older individual drivers [iq_132]
    Added driver for Konami's Double Dribble [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Nibbler, Pioneer Balloon, Fantasy, Vanguard, Sasuke and Commader and Satan of Saturn on RockOla/SNK6502 hardware [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Car Jamboree [iq_132]
    Added driver for Metal Clash by Data East [iq_132]
    Added driver for Jibun wo Migaku Culture School Mahjong Hen [iq_132]
    Added driver for Metal Soldier Isaac II [iq_132]
    Added driver for Xyonix [iq_132]
    Added driver and sound core for Flower [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Mad Motor Prototype [iq_132]
    Added driver for Monkey Magic [iq_132]
    Added driver for Kangaroo, replacing the old one [iq_132]
    Added driver for Pirate Ship Higemaru, replacing the old one [iq_132]
    Added driver for Cop 01 and Mighty Guy, due to protection issues, Mighty Guy is without sound [iq_132]
    Added driver for Oli-Boo-Chu [iq_132]
    Added driver for Super Cross II [iq_132]
    Added driver for V-Ball [iq_132]
    Added driver for PK Scramble [iq_132]
    Added driver for games on Vic Dual hardware *no sound yet* [iq_132]
    Added driver for Super Speed Race Jr. [iq_132]
    Added driver for American Speedway [iq_132]
    Added driver for Space Stranger / 2 [iq_132]
    Added driver for Crazy Ballon [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Clash Road and Fire Battle [iq_132]
    Added driver for Flack Attack / MX5000 by Konami [iq_132, dink]
    Added driver for Master Boy (older/Z80 HW) [iq_132]
    Added driver for Beam Invader *WIP/not working* [iq_132]
    Added driver for Dribling [iq_132]
    Added driver for Dora-Chan [iq_132]
    Added driver for Combat School by Konami [iq_132]
    Added driver for Fast Lane by Konami [iq_132]
    Added driver for Konami's Super Basketball [iq_132]
    Added driver for WarpSpeed *WIP/not working* [iq_132]
    Added driver for Food Fight by GCC/Atari [iq_132]
    Added driver for Data East's 18 Holes Pro Golf [iq_132]

New additions / updates to existing drivers

    Add World Rally 2 [Morten Shearman Kirkegaard, Peter Wilhelmsen, David Haywood, iq_132]
    Add Mortal Kombat II (World) Unlimited Hack by Smoke on Megadrive [dink]
    Add Streets of Rage 2 (USA) Syndicate Wars 2016 Hack by Gsaurus on Megadrive [dink]
    Add Streets of Rage 3 - The Bare Knuckle 3 Project Hack on Megadrive [dink]
    Add Rock n` Roll Racing v15 Hack by Ti [Combone]
    Add several great Sonic 1,2&3 Hacks [Combone]
    Add Mortal Kombat Revelations, Mortal Kombat 3 and Ultimate Hacks [Combone]
    Add Monster World IV English Translation Hack on Megadrive [dink]
    Add Bubble Bobble (prototype on Tokio hardware) [Barry]
    Added DoDonPachi III (World, 2002.05.15 Master Ver) [neohyphengeo productions] to d_pgm.cpp [JacKc]
    Added B.Rap Boys Special (World) [Phill @NES4Life, JacKc]
    Added Super Street Fighter II sound and color improvement hack on Megadrive [Combone]
    Added Mega Cheril Perils homebrew game to Megadrive [dink]
    Added Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 Hack to Mastersystem [dink]
    Added Dahna - Goddess` Birth (English Hack) to Megadrive [dink]
    Added Masiaka (Demo[scene]) by Resistance 2017 to Megadrive [dink]
    Added Turrican fix/hack by linkuei & helder to Megadrive [dink]
    Added Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition color and sound hack on Megadrive [Combone]
    Added FlameWing's BCD Test program to the Megadrive Driver [dink]
    Added Fantasy Zone 2 (Working) and Opa-Opa (not working) to System E driver [dink]
    Removed all garbage/hacks by GSC2007, as they should be avoided like the plague anyway. [n/a]
    Add Riddle of Pythoragas and Slap Shooter to Sega System E [vbt]
    Added Omega to the Freekick driver [dink]
    Add Contra, NES2PCE conversion to PCE [Combone]
    Added several Megadrive game hacks: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters Hack, Streets of Rage 2 - Bare Knuckle 3 Boss Edition, Streets of Rage 2 - TMNT Hack, Streets of Rage 3 - 
Extreme Edition, Golden Axe III - New Character, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe - Real Names+Extras, and UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal (ISSDX Hack) [Combone]
    Added In Your Face [iq_132], created a handcrafted priority prom so the game works (for all emulators!) [dink]
    Added Weka Invaders 1.0 to the Sega Master System driver [dink]
    Added A-Blast to the Seta 2 driver [gamezfan]
    Added Silver Valley by Enrique Ruiz / MIKGAMES to the Sega Master System driver [dink]
    Added Last KM to the Gaelco driver [iq_132]
    Added Sonic 3D Blast: The Director's Cut to the Megadrive driver [dink]
    Added Bioplaything Cop to Gaelco [iq_132]
    Updated kof99ae to 20170909 Final version [JacKc]
    Added Mario Bros. revision G, making it the new parent [dink]
    Added Pier Solar to the Megadrive driver [iq_132]
    Added KOF2002 OMG and Omega hacks to the Neo-Geo driver [barbudreadmon]
    Added KOF98 mix hack to the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]
    Added Metal Slug 5W hack to the Neo-Geo driver [iq_132]
    Added World Rally 2: Twin Racing (mask ROM version) to d_gaelco.2.cpp [Barry]

Clones and updated romsets in existing drivers

    Add clone of Act-Fancer Cybernetick Hyper Weapon [Barry]
    Add clone of Kageki [Barry]
    Add two clones of Return of the Invaders [Barry]
    Added clone of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Quicken, bootleg) [Moffitt] to d_cps1.cpp [JacKc]
    Added clone of Street Fighter (World) (protected) [Corrado Tomaselli] to d_cps1.cpp [JacKc]
    Added World clone of Ordyne [Barry]
    Added clone of Carrier Air Wing (USA 901130) [mastercello] to d_cps1.cpp [JacKc]
    Added missing Popeye clones [JacKc]
    Added clone of WWF Superstars (US revision 6) [JacKc]
    Added 1943: Midway Kaisen (Japan) to d_1943.cpp [JacKc]
    Added Chuka Taisen (Japan) (P0-025-A PCB) and correct color proms [pacman70] to d_tzns.cpp [JacKc]
    Added Alligator Hunt (World, protected) [Pablo] to d_gaelco2.cpp [JacKc]
    Added Alligator Hunt (unprotected, set 2) [David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen] to d_gaelco2.cpp [JacKc]
    Added Super Athena (bootleg) [Hammy] to d_snk.cpp [JacKc]
    Added Crazy Climber (US set 2) [John of] to d_cclimber.cpp [JacKc]
    Added clone of Beast Busters (Japan, Version 2, J3) [Layer @ jammaplus, JacKc]
    Added clone of Lady Master of Kung Fu (set 2, older) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Athena (bootleg) [Porchy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Cabal (UK, Joystick) [hammy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg) [Cmonkey, JacKc]
    Added clone of Rod-Land (World, set 2) [frsj8112, JacKc]
    Added clone of Bucky O'Hare (ver AA) [Bill D., The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of '99: The Last War (bootleg) [ShouTime, JacKc]
    Added clone of Martial Masters (ver. 102, 101, 101TW) [skate323k137, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Gunbird 2 (set 2) [Hyid Choi, JacKc]
    Added clone of Biomechanical Toy (Ver. 1.0.1878) [Jorge Silva, JacKc]
    Added clone of TH Strikes Back (Non North America, Version 1.0, Checksum 020EB356) [caius, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clones of Action Fighter (afightera, afighterb) to Sega System 16A driver [Barry]
    Added clone of Blood Bros. (US) [Bill D., The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros., set 2) [Osso, caius, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Teki Paki (location test) [ShouTime, Mouloud Bessaad, Dulleron, Christian Ricolleau, Marisol Nunez Serrano, Renato Mucciarelli, Jeffrey Gray, John Wilke, Darksoft, Ryan Holtz, 
Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Galaxian Growing Galaxip / Galaxian Nave Creciente (Recreativos Covadonga Spanish bootleg) [ARPA,, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Blue's Journey / Raguy (ALH-001) [Razoola, JacKc]
    Added clone of X-Men: Children of the Atom (Brazil 950331) [SHVB, Haze, smf, JacKc]
    Added clone of Four Trax (Asia) [Arzeno Fabrice, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Ver. 95/03/21) and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Ver. 95/03/22, Europe) [rtw, ShouTime, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of G.I. Joe (Asia, AA) [coolmod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Knights of Valour 2 / Sangoku Senki 2 (ver. 104, 102, 100HK) [twistedsymphony, JacKc]
    Added clone of Samurai Shodown V / Samurai Spirits Zero (NGM-2700, set 2) [Sugoi Helsinki, JacKc]
    Added clone of Gee Bee (UK) [Andrew Welburn, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Pac-Man (bootleg, Video Game SA) [Arcade Vintage,, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Turbo Force (World, set 2) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Cadash (Spain, version 1) [caius, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Cookie & Bibi 2 (set 2) [Hammy, JacKc]
    Added clone of Pac-Land (Bally-Midway) [Andrea Palazzetti, JacKc]
    Added clone of Ares no Tsubasa (Japan, rev. A) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Ghox (joystick, older) [caius, JacKc]
    Added clone of Opa Opa (Rev A, unprotected) [ShouTime, Charles MacDonald, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (street fighter 2' 920313 Taiwan) [sampson, JacKc]
    Added clone of Moon Shuttle (US, version A) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Gigas Mark II (MC-8123, 317-5002) [jacKc]
    Added clone of Tecmo Bowl (World, set 2) [coolmod, JacKc]
    Added clone of Garou - Mark of the Wolves (NGH-2530) [Razoola, JacKc]
    Added clone of Pochi and Nyaa (Ver 2.02) [Razoola, JacKc]
    Added clone of Enduro Racer (YM2151) (mask ROM sprites, FD1089B 317-0013A) [coolmod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
    Added clone of Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Playmark bootleg) [f205v, maru79, JacKc]
    Added clone of Explosive Breaker (Korea) [Jorge Silva, JacKc]
    Added clone of WWF: Wrestlemania (proto 2.01 06/07/95) [Jorge Silva, JacKc]
    Added clone of Super Cobra (bootleg, set 2) [Belike, JacKc]
    Added clone of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Thunder Edition, bootleg, set 2) [coolmod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]


 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/Makefile                                            |   6 +-
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/distinfo                                            |  15 +---
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_galaxian_d__galaxian.cpp |  27 --------
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_pst90s_d__raiden2.cpp    |  26 -------
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_snd_msm6295.cpp              |  17 -----
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burner_libretro_libretro.cpp      |  33 ----------
 emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_cpu_nec__intf.cpp                 |  19 -----
 7 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 135 deletions(-)

diffs (180 lines):

diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/Makefile
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/Makefile       Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ b/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/Makefile       Thu Sep 06 08:13:54 2018 +0000
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.2 2018/09/06 08:13:54 nia Exp $
-DISTNAME=      libretro-fbalpha-
+DISTNAME=      libretro-fbalpha-
 CATEGORIES=    emulators
 GITHUB_PROJECT=        fbalpha
-GITHUB_TAG=    08cf5c6abbda2512d5ef73ef8483b849a34a7603
+GITHUB_TAG=    6f85b5d19085f91c8f3df5c53dd235c037782fee
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/distinfo
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/distinfo       Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ b/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/distinfo       Thu Sep 06 08:13:54 2018 +0000
@@ -1,12 +1,7 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.2 2018/09/06 08:13:54 nia Exp $
-SHA1 (libretro-fbalpha- = 9b7eff020b1bddf8b0888f1b6d1ab1adfe14db8b
-RMD160 (libretro-fbalpha- = e52b45173079a5449d036eefd539ec0f2ec7cba7
-SHA512 (libretro-fbalpha- = 
-Size (libretro-fbalpha- = 9243803 bytes
+SHA1 (libretro-fbalpha- = 8c8f64af8c1896d104644cac57aeb76748100607
+RMD160 (libretro-fbalpha- = 011c85674f69e66c648a0df006679c8ff1fc1dce
+SHA512 (libretro-fbalpha- = 
+Size (libretro-fbalpha- = 9780931 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-makefile.libretro) = 53580ffc41c22c745d70aa9949c5df2affc783d4
-SHA1 (patch-src_burn_drv_galaxian_d__galaxian.cpp) = e63fbc12dd7d0db2b9f98862bf6c1ecc94c4c4f3
-SHA1 (patch-src_burn_drv_pst90s_d__raiden2.cpp) = a74ab0ce1c3c2ff5ef579d4051aba4795d274898
-SHA1 (patch-src_burn_snd_msm6295.cpp) = 81c446a7cbd25a73c3df24a2ec06499702c36992
-SHA1 (patch-src_burner_libretro_libretro.cpp) = b6fd783526f99a6fc296ccbf27e661af9ee14246
-SHA1 (patch-src_cpu_nec__intf.cpp) = 631d76b945ee7e214e47718b45666f27ac2ea7b2
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_galaxian_d__galaxian.cpp
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_galaxian_d__galaxian.cpp    Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,27 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-src_burn_drv_galaxian_d__galaxian.cpp,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
-Fixing The End sound volume (#199)
-Upstream commit: b5550733fb162ae4c5de15d2f9c42db4a919c3df
---- src/burn/drv/galaxian/d_galaxian.cpp.orig  2018-04-08 06:33:58.000000000 +0000
-+++ src/burn/drv/galaxian/d_galaxian.cpp
-@@ -16864,12 +16864,12 @@ static INT32 TheendInit()
-       KonamiPPIInit();
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(0, 0.02);
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(1, 0.02);
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(2, 0.02);
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(3, 0.02);
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(4, 0.02);
--      filter_rc_set_src_gain(5, 0.02);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(0, 0.12);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(1, 0.12);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(2, 0.12);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(3, 0.12);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(4, 0.12);
-+      filter_rc_set_src_gain(5, 0.12);
-       return nRet;
- }
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_pst90s_d__raiden2.cpp
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_drv_pst90s_d__raiden2.cpp       Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,26 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-src_burn_drv_pst90s_d__raiden2.cpp,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
-Fixing Raiden 2 ARM issue (#198)
-Upstream commit: bfc1f2fa0a9ca41add7858ba3badfa49257ec069
---- src/burn/drv/pst90s/d_raiden2.cpp.orig     2018-04-08 06:33:58.000000000 +0000
-+++ src/burn/drv/pst90s/d_raiden2.cpp
-@@ -802,7 +802,7 @@ static void cop_cmd_write(INT32 offset,
-                       cop_status |= 0x8000;
-                       cop_angle = 0;
-               } else {
--                      cop_angle = (UINT16)(atan(double(dx)/double(dy)) * 128 / M_PI);
-+                      cop_angle = (INT32)(atan(double(dx)/double(dy)) * 128 / M_PI);
-                       if(dy<0)
-                               cop_angle += 0x80;
-               }
-@@ -822,7 +822,7 @@ static void cop_cmd_write(INT32 offset,
-                       cop_status |= 0x8000;
-                       cop_angle = 0;
-               } else {
--                      cop_angle = (UINT16)(atan(double(dx)/double(dy)) * 128 / M_PI);
-+                      cop_angle = (INT32)(atan(double(dx)/double(dy)) * 128 / M_PI);
-                       if(dy<0)
-                               cop_angle += 0x80;
-               }
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_snd_msm6295.cpp
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burn_snd_msm6295.cpp Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,17 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-src_burn_snd_msm6295.cpp,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
-"Fixing some sound interpolation issue in nec cpu"
-Upstream commit: 458002c9ce850864952ff5cc62818315d788957f
---- src/burn/snd/msm6295.cpp.orig      2018-04-08 06:33:58.000000000 +0000
-+++ src/burn/snd/msm6295.cpp
-@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ static void MSM6295Render_Cubic(INT32 nC
-                                       pChannelInfo->nBufPos = 4;
-                               }
--                              nOutput += INTERPOLATE4PS_16BIT(nFractionalPosition,
-+                              nOutput += INTERPOLATE4PS_16BIT(nFractionalPosition & 0x0FFF,
-                                                                                               MSM6295ChannelData[nChip][nChannel][pChannelInfo->nBufPos - 4],
-                                                                                               MSM6295ChannelData[nChip][nChannel][pChannelInfo->nBufPos - 3],
-                                                                                               MSM6295ChannelData[nChip][nChannel][pChannelInfo->nBufPos - 2],
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burner_libretro_libretro.cpp
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_burner_libretro_libretro.cpp Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,33 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-src_burner_libretro_libretro.cpp,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
-Fix for "Dip switches not working? #185"
-Upstream commit: bbae856806f589286f340e55c9653b0f6d45120f
---- src/burner/libretro/libretro.cpp.orig      2018-04-08 06:33:58.000000000 +0000
-+++ src/burner/libretro/libretro.cpp
-@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@ INT32 nFireButtons = 0;
- bool bStreetFighterLayout = false;
- bool bButtonMapped = false;
- bool bVolumeIsFireButton = false;
-+INT32 bDip = 1;
- // libretro globals
- void retro_set_video_refresh(retro_video_refresh_t cb) { video_cb = cb; }
-@@ -3391,9 +3392,14 @@ INT32 GameInpInit()
-       }
-       memset(GameInp, 0, nSize);
--      GameInpBlank(1);
-+      // Initializing dipswitches several times is causing issues (#185)
-+      // So let's use a variable (bDip global) to avoid initializing them several times
-+      GameInpBlank(bDip);
--      InpDIPSWResetDIPs();
-+      if(bDip)
-+              InpDIPSWResetDIPs();
-+      bDip = 0;
-       GameInpInitMacros();
diff -r e331c2597f42 -r c900f4f6803f emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_cpu_nec__intf.cpp
--- a/emulators/libretro-fbalpha/patches/patch-src_cpu_nec__intf.cpp    Thu Sep 06 07:50:36 2018 +0000
+++ /dev/null   Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
@@ -1,19 +0,0 @@
-$NetBSD: patch-src_cpu_nec__intf.cpp,v 1.1 2018/08/17 12:54:48 nia Exp $
-"Fixing some UB in nec cpu"
-Upstream commit: 1c7d1ee57d7853ab8928e12a9eb80efe509ba96c
---- src/cpu/nec_intf.cpp.orig  2018-04-08 06:33:58.000000000 +0000
-+++ src/cpu/nec_intf.cpp
-@@ -211,8 +211,8 @@ UINT32 VezReadLong(UINT32 a)
-       if ( p )
-               return *(p + (a / 4));
-       else
--              return VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a) + (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+1) * 0x100) + 
--                      (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+2) * 0x10000) + (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+3) * 0x1000000);
-+              return VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a) + (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+1) << 8) +
-+                      (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+2) << 16) + (VezCurrentCPU->ReadHandler(a+3) << 24);
- }
- static void VezCheatWrite(UINT32 a, UINT8 d)

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