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[pkgsrc/trunk]: pkgsrc/fonts/unifont unifont: update to 11.0.02.

branches:  trunk
changeset: 311706:cb99ac46aa28
user:      wiz <>
date:      Thu Aug 16 12:48:11 2018 +0000

unifont: update to 11.0.02.

2018-08-10: Release 11.0.02
   Adds Sutton SignWriting glyphs.  Miscellaneous patches to other glyphs.

2018-06-05: Release 11.0.01
   Update for Unicode 11.0.0 release.  Modifications maintain complete
   coverage of the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP).  Also includes
   many Supplemental Multilingual Plane (SMP) scripts added in Unicode 11.0.

   Notable in this release is the Unicode 11.0 addition of the Copyleft
   symbol at code point U+01F12F.  Because of its significance, this is
   the only SMP glyph added to the Unicode TrueType BMP font.  This glyph
   also appears in the Unicode Upper TrueType font.  BDF and PCF fonts
   do not contain this symbol, as they only allow code points below U+10000.

2017-12-27: Release 10.0.07
   Changes to allow cross-building from source.  Now the top-level Makefile
   and src/Makefile define INSTALL=install, rather than install C programs
   with the "-s" (strip) option.  This is part of a change requested by
   Helmut Grohne to allow cross-architecture building without invoking
   an architecture-specific "install -s".  However, INSTALL still can
   be defined on the top-level command line when make is invoked as
   INSTALL="install -s" to allow stripping C binaries during installation
   if desired.  This definition from the top-level Makefile is passed down
   to src/Makefile, which uses any command line definition when installing
   C programs.  Plain "install" is still used when installing Perl

   Minor adjustments to glyphs as noted in the ChangeLog file.

2017-08-27: Release 10.0.06

   Added numerous improvements to Unicode Plane 0 and Plane 1 scripts,
   almost all of which were contributed by David Corbett; see the
   ChangeLog file for details.

   Made changes to make files contributed by Mike Gilbert to support
   parallel make.

   Fixed a corrupted ASCII hexadecimal string array in unifontpic.h.

2017-07-12: Release 10.0.05

   This release positions Unicode double diacritic marks correctly
   in the TrueType fonts.  The previous release did not multiply
   their offsets by the correct scale factor in FontForge.

   The unifontpic chart title is also centered along the top row
   legend, which looks better visually.

   The Phonetic Extensions block has gone through major revision,
   with minor adjustments in other Unicode scripts as described
   in the ChangeLog file.

2017-07-08: Release 10.0.04

   Added "-P" flag to the unifontpic utility to specify the Unicode
   plane.  This allows creating code charts for glyphs above Plane 0.
   The Unicode plane is now added to the chart title.  This works
   properly for the wide and the long chart versions, with the
   letters in the long version's chart title now single-spaced.

   Received double-width Chinese ideographs to replace the quadruple-
   width glyphs for Church Slavonic transliteration that were released
   in Unifont 10.0.01.  This allows a return to PNG charts of Unifont
   glyphs.  PNG files are smaller than the BMP version but the PNG
   Unifont utilities have not been modified to handle quadruple-width
   glyphs, whereas the BMP utilities have been.  The 18 quadruple-width
   Chinese glyphs are preserved in font/plane00/alt/quad-width.hex to
   allow future experimentation.

   The PNG charts of Unicode Plane 1 (Supplemental Multilingual Plane)
   glyphs now use the Unifont "sample" version of Unifont ".hex" files,
   so that combining circles appear.  This was already being done for
   Unicode Plane 0 and will look better in font sample pages.

   Added new x-offset field to all *-combining.txt files to provide
   proper rendering of Unicode double diacritic marks; they should
   span across the preceding character and the following character.
   Added support for this in hex2sfd for FontForge generation of
   TrueType fonts.  Also added support for this to the unigencircles
   utility, so the combining circle of a double diacritic is printed
   correctly in the left half of the glyph as in the Unicode
   Consortium's code charts, rather than being centered.  Several
   applications are not rendering these double diacritic marks
   correctly; releasing this version of Unifont will allow validation
   of the new Unifont TrueType build, and could serve as a test font
   for implementing these specialty Unicode characters in other

   Redrew Musical Symbols Ornaments (U+01D194..U+01D1A5) so they
   join together when used as a consecutive string of characters.
   Adjusted the Byzantine Musical Symbols "ano", "meso", and "kato"
   glyph versions for high, middle, and low vertical placement,

   Made numerous adjustments to many glyphs as noted in the ChangeLog
   file, including re-coding some "subjoiner" glyphs as combining
   characters instead of as non-printing.  Those glyphs now render
   a virama (halant) sign if a script contains such a sign, or a
   "+" subscript sign otherwise.

2017-06-30: Release 10.0.03

   Modified font/hex2sfd to reposition combining characters.  If
   you experience problems with the TrueType font in this release,
   revert to 10.0.02.

2017-06-30: Release 10.0.02

   Touched up glyphs in the block U+03xx, which includes modern Greek.
   Fixed an Aiha glyph in the Private Use Area in the Unifont CSUR font.

2017-06-20: Release 10.0.01

   Updated for Unicode 10.0 release.

   New scripts added (introduced in Unicode 10.0):
     - U+0860..U+086F     Syriac Supplement
     - U+011A00..U+011A4F Zanabazar Square
     - U+011A50..U+011AAF Soyombo
     - U+011D00..U+011D5F Masaram Gondi

   Added quadruple-width glyphs U+9FD8..U+9FE9, updating some utility
   programs and documentation to allow this change.  The Perl scripts
   unihex2png, unipng2hex, and unifont-viewer do not support this new
   16-by-32 glyph size.

   Corrected several glyphs and made numerous changes in others,
   described in detail in the ChangeLog file.


 fonts/unifont/Makefile |   8 ++++----
 fonts/unifont/PLIST    |  14 +++++---------
 fonts/unifont/distinfo |  10 +++++-----
 3 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

diffs (76 lines):

diff -r ee5e9794fb6e -r cb99ac46aa28 fonts/unifont/Makefile
--- a/fonts/unifont/Makefile    Thu Aug 16 12:45:31 2018 +0000
+++ b/fonts/unifont/Makefile    Thu Aug 16 12:48:11 2018 +0000
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
-# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.9 2017/01/01 15:38:11 wiz Exp $
+# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.10 2018/08/16 12:48:11 wiz Exp $
-DISTNAME=      unifont-9.0.06
+DISTNAME=      unifont-11.0.02
 CATEGORIES=    fonts
 COMMENT=       GNU Unifont - glyphs for all printable code points in Unicode 9.0 BMP
 LICENSE=       gnu-gpl-v2 # or later
diff -r ee5e9794fb6e -r cb99ac46aa28 fonts/unifont/PLIST
--- a/fonts/unifont/PLIST       Thu Aug 16 12:45:31 2018 +0000
+++ b/fonts/unifont/PLIST       Thu Aug 16 12:48:11 2018 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.2 2016/08/31 09:14:49 wiz Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.3 2018/08/16 12:48:11 wiz Exp $
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
@@ -36,6 +37,7 @@
@@ -56,13 +58,7 @@
diff -r ee5e9794fb6e -r cb99ac46aa28 fonts/unifont/distinfo
--- a/fonts/unifont/distinfo    Thu Aug 16 12:45:31 2018 +0000
+++ b/fonts/unifont/distinfo    Thu Aug 16 12:48:11 2018 +0000
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.8 2017/01/01 15:38:11 wiz Exp $
+$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.9 2018/08/16 12:48:11 wiz Exp $
-SHA1 (unifont-9.0.06.tar.gz) = 842edbda1b8f8a3813d86aff2e8e17230f6caf60
-RMD160 (unifont-9.0.06.tar.gz) = 8dd52399561755c672ae13d2ffe9694de8e2706f
-SHA512 (unifont-9.0.06.tar.gz) = 767dc107d9a33008116b6939facbf31db6c7942acad257ad52a1a249f04b6215b41da928ef00e8308c2cc19924257cb0219d4eddd2b99502621ebd82e8673988
-Size (unifont-9.0.06.tar.gz) = 14785468 bytes
+SHA1 (unifont-11.0.02.tar.gz) = 9d99181b71938bde3c3bb1a3cc85e02f58ed40cb
+RMD160 (unifont-11.0.02.tar.gz) = 1b2da3c1ec48c3d3e603ac6d6307d83e7fa02861
+SHA512 (unifont-11.0.02.tar.gz) = d0dc8ce079feb282f53c444df5819751a7c97788feed480dc5c5b8a239c8cc13ef258876ffe2830994e404c0a6f524481a405b273c7341703ceef5854c12a68d
+Size (unifont-11.0.02.tar.gz) = 15874967 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-man_Makefile) = 3d4274578270fc8df1e713ffacaecabfa356383a

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