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Re: pkgsrc-current NetBSD 9.0/x86_64 2021-08-05 13:45

> Full report:

> ham/gnuradio-core                         21

> => Build dependency py38-pybind11>=2.6.0: found py38-pybind11-2.7.0

> -- Found pybind11: /home/runner/work/pybind11/pybind11/pybind11/include (found version "2.7.0" )

> include/gnuradio/block_gateway.h:18:10: fatal error: pybind11/pybind11.h: No such file or directory

This is a new strange error. py-pybind11 is buildlinked and found but
then later not found. Mystery fallout from py-pybind11 update the other

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