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Re: pkgsrc 2019Q2 NetBSD 9.0/powerpc 2019-08-02 21:20

> pkgsrc 2019Q2 bulk build report
> ===============================
> NetBSD 9.0/powerpc (really 9.0_BETA, it pretends 9.0 is the version...)
> Compiler: gcc
> Package                               Breaks Maintainer
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> graphics/cairo                          2475

The reason for this appears to be that freetype/ftcolor.h is not
linked by x11-links when using the defaults.

The file exists in /usr/X11R7/include/freetype2/freetype/ftcolor.h,
and x11-links sets up symlinks to the other in-tree freetype2

I've not been able to figure out what needs updating, though;
possibly pkgtools/x11-links/files/xorg.freetype2?  However, whether
that update should be unconditional on which version of freetype2 is
included in-tree, and what other files are "missing" I don't know.

Adding the ftcolor.h file to xorg.freetype2 at least makes cairo
successfully complete its build.


- Håvard

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