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Re: pkgsrc 2018Q1 NetBSD 8.0/powerpc 2018-06-17 14:01

> pkgsrc 2018Q1 bulk build report
> ===============================
> NetBSD 8.0/powerpc
> Compiler: gcc

I rebuilt with libvpx from the trunk, as it now builds for
powerpc (although "unoptimized").  Thanks!

Here's comments about the "worst offenders":

> Packages breaking the most other packages
> Package                               Breaks Maintainer
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> databases/mysql57-client                 218

At build-time (36% in) it figures "Native atomics support not found!"
I would have thought that would be a configure-phase test?!?

> devel/ocaml-findlib                      114

Fails during the install phase, findlib.cmxs,
findlib_dynload.cmxs and findlib_top.cmxs are not installed.
Hmm, I seem to remember that the ocaml package for powerpc is
built without "ocaml-nat", and the .cmxs entries from the ocaml
PLIST are therefore excluded there, but not here.

> lang/mono                                 32

The built MCS executable is broken and gets "SIGSEGV while
executing native code".  I beleive this package has been broken
for "forever" for powerpc.

> multimedia/ffmpeg1                        24

Bombs out on x264_bit_depth being undeclared.  Have not looked

> lang/nodejs                               23

The build bombs on "-msse2 -mfpmath=sse -mmmx" being unrecognized gcc
options (no surprise, those are x86-specific options).  I beleive at
one point I looked further into this one, and 32-bit powerpc is not
supported by upstream, only 64-bit powerpc, and fixing that would be a
major project (and it's not a given the support would be accepted
upstream either...).

> www/webkit24-gtk                          21

A long way into the build of the JavaScript component it
discovers "The MacroAssembler is not supported on this platform".
Again, that could have been a configure-phase test...

> multimedia/libmpeg2                       19

It looks like the altivec operation declarations are missing, and
consequently you get an error when passing AltiVec argument to
unprototyped functions.

> inputmethod/scim                          19

It gets undefined references to alloca() when linking.  I suspect it's
being built with the wrong c++ option (c++03 instead of gnu++03, that
was the fix for meta-pkgs/kde4 for the same problem).

> x11/qt5-qtwebkit                          19

cmake says "CMakeLists.txt:85 (message): Unknown CPU 'powerpc'".

> lang/clisp                                18

During the first lisp run as part of the build, it bounces into the
per-process CPU time limit I've sed for the bulk build.  I suspect it
endlessly loops, but have not looked further.  (I vaguely recall this
malloc / calloc optimization with the newer gcc we have in -8 may
cause similar symptoms, but have not looked whether that's the cause


- Håvard

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