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pkgsrc-HEAD Linux/RHEL 6/x86_64 jgrep

pkgsrc bulk build results (distbb-0.47.1)

Linux/RHEL 6/x86_64


  Build started:                  2016-05-26 13:47 UTC
  Build ended:                    2016-05-26 15:05 UTC

  Inspected packages                      70
  Built packages (total)                  66
    built previously                      0
    really built                          66
  Failed packages (total)                 4
    really failed                         1
    marked as not available               0
    failed due to them                    3

Packages not listed here resulted in a binary packages.
Results of failed packages are available below.

Failed packages

  Package                             Breaks Maintainer

  lang/oracle-jre8                         3

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