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Re: pkgsrc HEAD selective NetBSD 5.99.49/x86_64 2011-10-14 01:19

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 04:57:20PM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 > pkgsrc bulk build report
 > ========================

   cxref, hydrogen, libthrift, libvirt, p5-DBIx-Class, perdition-gdbm,
   php{5,53}-phrasea2, py-mssql, py25-ckanclient, szip

   phraseanet, h5utils, hdf, py25-datapkg

   FlightCrew, Sigil, gnash, heirloom-libcommon

indirect-failed -> failed:

abandoned (at least for now):
   qmail, qgreylist, qmail-conf, qmail-qfilter, qmail-run, qtools,
   autorespond, dot-forward, ezmlm, ezmlm-idx, fastforward, mailfront,
   mess822, p5-Mail-Ezmlm, serialmail

FlightCrew and Sigil broke when updated. gnash I'm not sure about;
it's failing because it can't find boost, but it has boost buildlinked
and there isn't anything glaringly wrong that I can see.
heirloom-libcommon hasn't been changed, but I have no idea how it
worked in Joerg's build.

David A. Holland

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