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Re: pkgsrc NetBSD 5.0_STABLE/x86_64 2010-06-15 08:48

-audio/libao-alsa                          27
-    py26-mol-0.98nb4               
+    py24-simpy-2.1.0               




+chat/jabberd2                              1

Adam: buildlink issue with db4




Wiz: png


binutils fallout, ignore.


Tonnerre: This smells like it should be MAKE_DIRS or OWN_DIRS.

-databases/php-pdo_mysql                    1
-    php53-pdo_mysql-5.3.2                  1
-databases/postgresql82-client              8
-databases/postgresql83-client              6

buildlink leak, needs a subst to sort out.

+devel/emacs-ilisp                          1

Obache: your package

-editors/emacs-snapshot                    85

tsutsui: PLIST issue


wiz: Missing bash path fixup?


wiz: png fallout

-graphics/glew                              6

Hamajima: LP64 issues, no idea where usb_set_interface is supposed to
come from.

+graphics/gegl                             15

Network failure, should work now.

-graphics/libvideogfx                       1
+graphics/povray                            1

wiz: png fallout

+ham/usrp-docs                              1

adam: doyxgen


Failed Mule-UCS detection


buildlink leaks, need to check

+lang/sun-jre6                              6

Must fetch by hand.


ghen,wiz: png fallout

-    py26-Scientific-2.4.5nb2       
+multimedia/kdemultimedia3                  4

Mark: various issues with the arts dependency

+net/gssdp                                 22

wiz: missing program?


ghen: no idea why those fail.


gdt: Please check why they need the user during installation.

+news/inn                                   1


-print/cups                                74

dillo, wiz: png fallout

-print/tex-oberdiek-doc                     1
+security/seahorse                          3

drocher: API issue

-sysutils/bacula-clientonly                 2

mishka: no idea why it doesn't find mount


kefren: apxs not found


manu: -pthread is picked up from somewhere


sborrill: apxs not found, please change the package name to match the
Apache Module Naming Scheme

+    ap22-fcgid-2.3.5               
+www/emacs-w3m-snapshot                     3

wiz: can you check if the chown is really needed during install?

-    py25-gnome2-desktop-2.28.0nb3          2
+    py25-gnome2-desktop-2.28.0nb4          2

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