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Re: pkgsrc-current-destdir Linux 2.6.24-1-686-bigmem/i686 bulk build results 20080829.1720

 >> Suppose
 >>   1) you need a package A
 >>   2) package A depends on B
 >>   3) B fails => A fails "indirectly"
 >> In such situtations (in most cases), it makes sense to contact
 >> maintainer of the package B. This is why your email is there.

> No. In any case first person to be responsible for failure of package
> is that package maintainer.
In most cases dependancy is correct and the real problem is in
dependant package. This is why I include a maintainer of the dependant
package by default. In general only human can recognize the "right
person" to contact. Sometimes bugs in mk/ scripts or or
anywhere else may cause the problem.

Anyway, the phrase "wip/slate needs wip/ecl which is failed and
maintained by asau@" is not blame or offence.
"wip/ecl is failed and maintained by asau@" is already in the "Failed
packages" section of the report.

> Otherwise you start accusing compiler
> writers for their compiler stops at errors, thus preventing builds
> of some depending programs.
This analogy is totally wrong.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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