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Re: pkgsrc-wip NetBSD 4.99.52/i386 2008-02-02 11:48

 >> > X11_TYPE=modular
 >> > PKG_SYSCONFBASE=/usr/bulk/pkg/custom_etc
 >> > PKGMANDIR=custom_man
 >> > wip/runawk                         
 >> I cannot reproduce this under NetBSD and Linux, both unprivileged.
 >> Are you sure you use correct make (/usr/bulk/pkg/bin/bmake) ?

> Unprivileged build, read again.

What exactly?

     9.4. How to use pkgsrc as non-root

     If you want to use pkgsrc as non-root user, you can set some
     variables to make pkgsrc work under these conditions. At the very
     least, you need to set UNPRIVILEGED to "yes"; this will turn on
     unprivileged mode and set multiple related variables to allow
     installation of packages as non-root.

     In case the defaults are not enough, you may want to tune some
     other variables used. For example, if the automatic user/group
     detection leads to incorrect values (or not the ones you would
     like to use), you can change them by setting UNPRIVILEGED_USER
     and UNPRIVILEGED_GROUP respectively.

     As regards bootstrapping, please note that the bootstrap script
     will ease non-root configuration when given the
     "--ignore-user-check" flag, as it will choose and use multiple
     default directories under ~/pkg as the installation
     targets. These directories can be overridden by the "--prefix"
     flag provided by the script, as well as some others that allow
     finer tuning of the tree layout.

Nothing about possibility to use native NetBSD make and nothing about

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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