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Re: pkgsrc IRIX 6.5/mipseb bulk build results 20060704.1102

Jan Schaumann wrote:
Roland Illig <> wrote:
The C++ preprocessor should be "CC -E", not "CC".

I agree.  Could whoever b0rked that since the last stable branch please
fix this?

I fixed it but never broke it. The setting in bootstrap/mods/mk/ has been there since revision 1.1 from March 2004.

By the way, in mk/, we have:

    ALL_ENV+=         CXXCPP=${CPP:Q}

Isn't that calling for bugs, too? In my opinion this line should be:

    CXXCPP?=          ${CXX} -E
    ALL_ENV+=         CXXCPP=${CXXCPP:Q}

This looks more sane to me. I think it just worked up to now because no package depends on CPP being a real C preprocessor and CXXCPP being a real C++ preprocessor.


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