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Re: pkgsrc Darwin 8.3.0/powerpc bulk build results 2005-11-29

Krister Walfridsson wrote:

> pkgsrc bulk build results
> Darwin 8.3.0/powerpc

> converters/convmv        

The package fails while extracting the tar archive testsuite.tar which
contains file names in UTF-8 or iso8859-15 encoding:

  ===> Extracting for convmv-1.08
  ===> Required installed package perl>=5.8.0: perl-5.8.7nb4 found
  ===> Required installed package coreutils-[0-9]*: coreutils-5.2.1nb1 found
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/2/süb (Invalid argument)
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/2/süb/güte.TPnmDv (No such file or 
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/2/Äpfel.gf3kyu (Invalid argument)
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/3/Äpfel (Invalid argument)
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/füße.J6m9gr (Invalid argument)
  tar: Cannot create suite/test-iso8859-15/Äpfel (Invalid argument)

I cannot test this but I would have expected tar on Darwin (I think it
is /usr/bin/tar, according to to be able to extract
those files. Does it work with pax from the pkgsrc bootstrap?
The tar archive is converters/convmv/work/convmv-1.08/testsuite.tar.

Is this possibly related to the type of filesystem (HFS+, UFS) used on


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