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May I rename some variables?

I would like to rename some variables in the file to make reading the source easier for me. In some of my last mails I have already started to introduce (proposals for) variables called TOPLEVEL_*. I would like to extend this naming to all other variables that specify files to be created directly in ${BULKFILESDIR}.

Currently when reading code that uses ${INDEXFILE} I always have to keep in mind that this is an absolute pathname, whereas BROKENFILE, having a really similar name is only a basename.

Therefore I want to rename INDEXFILE to TOPLEVEL_INDEXFILE. (Similar for some others.)

The change only affects bulk build users that modify these variables in their mk.conf. I guess that no one does this, but I want to get some affirmation first.

By the way, the bulk build framework is slowly getting into a form that motivates me documenting it in the pkgsrc guide. But I first have to understand all the other details.


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