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Re: (post-build problem) pkgsrc Darwin 8.0.0/powerpc bulk build results 2005-05-11

On Fri, 13 May 2005, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:

Hi, I am trying to get bulk build run on Dawin 8.0.0.

I got the result as following,
pkgsrc bulk build results
Darwin 8.0.0/Power Macintosh
Build started:  Fri Apr 29 13:47:49 2005 UTC
Build ended:    Wed May 11 14:11:19 2005 UTC

Successfully packaged:          2510
Packages really broken:         949
Packages broken due to them:    1658
Total broken:                   2607
Not packaged:                   346
Total:                          2953
But I am getting some errors at post-build, and did not get the
report mail yet.

The message I've got first was:
 can't read leftovers-Power Macintosh.txt: No such file or directory at 
mk/bulk/post-build line 169.

I have always got the error in my Darwin 7.9.0 bulk builds too, but it
has been "harmless" (the only effect of it is that it has not generated
the list of leftover files, and I do not care about it anyway...)

But something has changed lately, and the last build did not send me
any mail... I'll look into this (and the error) in a couple of days, unless someone beats me to it...


PS.  My last result is available at

Darwin 7.9.0/Power Macintosh
Build started:  Tue May 10 20:23:18 2005 UTC
Build ended:    Mon May 16 15:11:06 2005 UTC

Successfully packaged:          2971
Packages really broken:          882
Packages broken due to them:    1271
Total broken:                   2153
Not packaged:                    346
Total:                          2499

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