Subject: Re: xview build fixes
To: Douglas Wade Needham <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: pkgsrc-bulk
Date: 10/05/2004 22:17:15
On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Douglas Wade Needham wrote:

> So, you pretty much correct as far as xview-lib.  The changing of the
> patch-cy and and patch-de files resulted in distinfo changing as well,
> but if your definition of "real changes" considers distinfo to be
> something else, then you are 100% correct.
> As for the xview-config patches, there was a problem with cpp giving
> errors and stopping the build when it encountered these files during
> an imake for a i386/current system.  For details, here is an excerpt
> from a log file I managed to find from Feb 6, building against 1.6ZI
> (sources updated Feb 2 00:00 EST).

Thank you for the clarification.  I was reading the patches, and did not 
see any changes that looked relevant.  I'll look at them more carefully...

> [...]
> I fixed this back on Feb 20, and It may have been fixed with
> subsequent changes to gcc, but I would ask that you double check me
> there as well trying it on -current both with and without the patch.
> If all goes well, I might even be able to do a test build without
> these fixes, but it may be a few days.

I'll take care of this, but I'm rather busy at work right now, so
it will most likely take a week before I get the time to do that...