Subject: Re: pkg/36809: modular xorg hangs, crashes.
To: None <>
From: Aleksej Saushev <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 08/20/2007 21:29:20
brad harder <> writes:

> Modular XOrg keyboard does not respond as it should --
> keycodes generated do not match keycaps, sometimes keys don't
> seem to generate anything, sometimes will start repeating and
> never stop. In my instance, "2" and [enter] will crash X. I've
> tried w/ keyboard drivers v. 1.1.1 and 1.2.0, with no
> success... changing keyboard driver to input-void seems to
> leave X stable (for the amount that I could test it)... startx
> would also sometimes dump core (sh.core), and indicate that it
> quit with Signal 3. 

> More and more people in #netbsd are reporting experiencing the
> problem, but not everybody... Install modular X and try your
> luck

As I am the one of mentioned #netbsd visitors, I should add.

I haven't observed misinterpreted key codes, though I observed
key generated long sequence till it is pressed again. Usual
Control-Meta-Backspace does not kill X server, C-M-F1 doesn't
switch to virtual consoles, so do other C-M-F<n> key presses.

I haven't observed core file (maybe, I have just missed it),
I could exit this state only through power off cycle, either
real, or at several times, I had luck that powerd succeded to
handle poweroff key press.

I've got hypothesis, that this may be connected by API change,
or by behaviour change, since all key interpretation should pass
through window manager. Any suggestions how to check it?
Or, maybe, does anyone know it already?

> 	Install xf86 from base system.

I think, it's hardly a fix, since we already have video adapters,
which are supported only by, and only as generic VESA or
VGA by XFree86.