Subject: USB Ricoh i500
To: None <>
From: Jorgen Lundman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/27/2002 16:09:12
Since there has been some great work done on USB I thought I'd see how 
far I can get with my Ricoh RDC-i500 camera. It has a Type 2 PCMCIA slot 
in it, and currently an IBM Microdrive (340MB).

It works in a strange manner on windows in that the camera enters 
something similar to DHCP query, the window's side driver hands it an IP 
(generally and you can connect to that, port 80 and browse.

Not really interested in that per say, it would be nice if I could 
access the Microdrive, or internal memory, but perhaps that is an 
extension of the IP section mentioned?

If I plug it into a generic 1.6 kernel I get:

Nov 27 22:34:57 afro /netbsd: umass0 at uhub1 port 1 configuration 1 
interface 0
Nov 27 22:34:57 afro /netbsd:

(yes, comes up with a blank line)

and eventually:

Nov 27 22:35:38 afro /netbsd: umass0: at uhub1 port 1 (addr 2) disconnected
Nov 27 22:35:38 afro /netbsd: umass0 detached

when the camera times out. (Or I turn off).

I turned on usbdebugging, and had a look around, this message comes up:

Nov 28 00:13:50 afro /netbsd: usbd_submatch port=1,-1 configno=-1,-1 
ifaceno=-1,-1 vendor=1482,-1 product=8738,-1 release=0,-1
Nov 28 00:13:50 afro last message repeated 24 times
Nov 28 00:13:50 afro /netbsd: usbd_print dev=0xc0bc8800
Nov 28 00:13:50 afro /netbsd: usbd_probe_and_attach: no device specific 
driver found

I edited "usbdevs" to add in Ricoh, and the product, rebuild the .h 
files, and also added an entry in "umass_quirks.c" - with some generic 
looking defaults ( is that right? all devices are in there, or only 
those with quirks? )

Not got any further however, anything else I can try?, or would it 
require far too much work to be worth it?


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