Subject: Re: "upgrading" pkgsrc with lower version?
To: Lubos Vrbka <>
From: Rasputin <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/13/2002 11:58:09
* Lubos Vrbka <> [1131 17:31]:
> is it possible to "upgrade" to lower version of pkgsrc? i accidentaly
> have one computer with -current version of pkgsrc and some programs
> don't compile ("stable" version is ok) - does anyone have some
> experience with this? 

There isn't a stable/current split in pkgsrc AFAIK - it's all current.

It's possible to get CVS to checkout source trees based on timestamps, 
if that's what you mean? 

> i probably should send the pr for the non-working package, but i should
> probably check the latest version of the pkgsrc, right?

It might help to get more detail on what's broken. It sounds like you're
using pkgsrc from a tarball off a cd or similar -
if so I'd try getting the latest version, rather than an older one.
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