Subject: Re: Problem with POSIX threads
To: Francisco =?iso-8859-1?q?Gayt=E1n?= <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/13/2002 08:29:34
On Monday 11 November 2002 6:38 pm, Francisco Gaytán wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm compiling some program examples using POSIX threads. I have
> installed mit-pthreads library but the programs don't work correctly. I
> have also tried unproven-threads (both installed from pkgsrc).
> I have the following problem: the program threads.c must show values
> smaller than 2000. threads_dekker tries to solve the problem using the
> dekker algorith, but it hangs instead of printing the value 2000.
> I have tried that programs in FreeBSD (with native threads) and Solaris
> (with POSIX threads library) and they work ok.

Both programs run to completion for me using pkgsrc/devel/pth which we use as 
the "standard" pthreads library in pkgsrc.