Subject: Re: adduser missing?
To: Kenny Drobnack <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/15/1999 17:51:38
Kenny Drobnack writes:
> I have a question. I bought the Cheapbytes NetbSD 1.4 CD. Upon installing,
> I tried adding a user with useradd, adduser, and just about any variation
> I could think of. After this failed, I read thru some docs, and found
> about the vipw command. I used vipw, but it seemed a very tedious way to
> add users. And "man adduser" brought up a man page. Is my CD just missing
> the adduser binary or what? Also, what is the easiest way to go about
> adding this program?

It is a manpage that tells you how to add a user, not for a binary.
There is a 'addnerd' in pkgsrc for this.  Also -current (destined to be 1.5)
will have adduser/useradd/whatever.

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