Subject: some stupid question I had to ask
To: None <>
From: Emre <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/15/1999 10:37:31
Hello Folks!

This question was probably answered already but I want to make sure.
We have a dual 450Mhz Pentium II box with 1.6GB of RAM and some RAID stuff
with it...It's running Caldera right now.  I really want to put NetBSD on
it because of the networking features (IPF/NAT etc.)
My question is:
Does NetBSD support SMP?  If not when is it planned?
OpenBSD didn't support neither, the RAM nor the second processor, and I'm
not a big fan of FreeBSD (or Linux rather).

Thanks in advance :)

PS: please reply in private, as I am not subscribed to this list yet.

Emre Yildirim
DH/DSS KeyID: 0xA007E75C | RSA KeyID: 0xFD5FD2C7