Subject: Re: Large EIDE drives
To: None <,>
From: Jonathan Fuerth <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/08/1999 14:34:06
>> see the drive as 8GB.  I tried to tell them that my OS (NetBSD/i386 1.4.1)
>> doesn't really care what the BIOS thinks (except when booting), and that the
>> drive would work fine for me.  They disbelieved me and basically said that
>> I can't return the drive if it doesn't work in my system.

>So if you buy a >8G drive from them, you can't ever return it? That's nice..

Well, I didn't say that.  I meant I can't return it if it works in their
system but not in mine (i.e. I can return it if they can get an RMA from
their wholesaler). Other stores in the area have better return policies,
but they're charging $30 more for the same drive.

>Anyway, you will have no problem with this under NetBSD. If your BIOS is
>old, just make sure that your NetBSD root partition falls below 8G,
>since the kernel is loaded using the BIOS. The install system will
>warn you about this if you violate this constraint.

Yes, thank-you.  I know the kernel needs to live on the first 8GB of the
disk; the boot program reads the drive through the BIOS routines.  This
won't be a problem.. I do always make separate root and usr partitions, and
I don't anticipate I'll make a root partition even close to 8GB on a 13GB
drive. :)