Subject: suspend to disk partition
To: None <>
From: Wenchi Liao <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/31/1999 11:04:46
I've got netbsd 133 on (laptop) dell latitude xp 450C, and I'm trying
to get the suspend to disk feature (through hardware key sequence or
apm) to work. Basically, going to suspend trashes the active

I use dos' fdisk to slice up the drive, and dell's mks2d.exe to create
the suspend partition. After I boot into netbsd, I use fdisk to change
the disk id, label the disk, and newfs it. At this point, the suspend
works fine. If I installboot through sysinst, things begin to die.
After suspending and reviving, the the a partition gets trashed and I
have to newfs again.

I know the mks2d thing creates a partition with a certain id, but I
can't get any info about what else it is doing. That is, if I manually
create the s2d partition at the end of the drive, suspending will chew
up wd0a. Putting in a huge offset before wd0a begins doesn't help
(which really doesn't make any sense to me).

I've asked dell's tech support a few times, but all they seem to be
willing to do is point me to the mks2d utility.

Any suggestions?