Subject: Re: Anyone in here object to random chatter?
To: Richard Rauch <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/30/1999 10:58:53
On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 09:25:30AM -0600, Richard Rauch wrote:

> > It's been suggested that The NetBSD project already has netbsd-users, which
> > may or may not be appropriate for random chatter.
>  [...]
> FWIW...
> I like the idea of having such a place.  But I also would rather not see
> it on netbsd-users.  Reason: I view this mail-list as a place to ask
> technical questions that don't fit easily into other areas.  Of course,

This is the second such message I've seen. I'm going to guess that lots of
folks simply don't know about the netbsd-help mailing list for some reason.

Netbsd-help is appropriate for release-independant, platform-independant
technical questions. Netbsd-users is a list for issues of general interest
to the NetBSD community. I'd like to see this expanded to cover random
chatter by default. In other words, I don't want to ever have anyone flamed
for posting anything inappropriate in here, and I want people to actively
see this as a meeting place for the NetBSD community.

The exhaustive list of things that should be inappropriate to netbsd-users:

1) Obscenities.
2) Hate mail focussed on race, religion, gender, or disability.
3) Commercial advertisements.

Anything beyond that can be accomplished by end users running procmail on a
case by case basisi, IMHO.

> ``I am only an egg.''

I'll be sure to eat you when you transition away.

Anyway, using netbsd-users for this would make more sense than creating
netbsd-chat. Again, if folks *don't* want this, then netbsd-chat would be
appropriate, again, IMHO.

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