Subject: Re: Login banner change?
To: Kevin M. Lahey <>
From: Brian Ginsbach <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 03/13/1999 21:44:51
Kevin M. Lahey wrote:
> In message <>"Michael K. Sanders" writes
> >In message <>, Jon Lindgren writes:
> >>> > > Is is possible [using the stock login and telnetd] to change the login
> >>> > > banner that the user sees (before logging in)?
> >>>
> >>>     Nope, we don't seem to have support for doing that. It's
> >>> actually telnetd and getty that would need to be tweaked to do
> >>> this... it shouldn't be hard, and there are plenty of capabilites free
> >>> in gettytab that could be used. I'd use "if", for "initial file", to
> >>> go along with "im" for "initial message".
> >
> >You didn't say what version of NetBSD you're running, but I recall
> >this being added to -current in the recent past.
> Nah, there was a set of patches put out and (I think) a PR.
> I mentioned that I'd put it into the tree, but I haven't yet.
> Kevin

Is this the same as what was added to FreeBSD's version of getty?  It
supports a gettytab capability of "if" so a file like /etc/issue (a
SYSVism) can be used.  I was just looking at this the other day.
It doesn't look like it would be to difficult to take what FreeBSD
did and plop it into the NetBSD getty.

Where is this patch at?  I tried searching the open PR's but did
not find anything that contained said patch.  This seems more logical
than using the /etc/hosts.allow method.  Plus it would work for
terminals or modem connections that connect to getty directly.

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