Subject: Package system inconsistency...
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/30/1998 10:32:08

I'm building xpaint from the package system, and I've run into a problem.
I use /usr/local as my PREFIX, and, consequently, everything goes into
/usr/local/foo. I just tried to build xpaint, and the build failed because
it couldn't find tiffio.h, if I remember correctly. The reason for this
is that the Makefile isn't using my custom PREFIX when it builds, so it's
looking for /usr/pkg/include, which doesn't exist on my system. (I may
switch over to using /usr/pkg next time 'round, as it now makes sense to
me to use it, whereas before it seemed a silly division. Still, I think
that the packages ought to honor $PREFIX.)

ac3 /usr/pkgsrc/graphics/xpaint/work/xpaint# grep pkg/include *
Local.config:TIFF_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include
Local.config:JPEG_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include
Local.config:PNG_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include/png
Makefile:TIFF_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include
Makefile:JPEG_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include
Makefile:PNG_INCLUDE = -I/usr/pkg/include/png

My quick fix was to link /usr/pkg to /usr/local, but I think this is probably
worth fixing properly at some point.

I'll send-pr this as well...

Mason Loring
"In the drowsy dark cave of the mind dreams build their nest with fragments
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