Subject: Theo De Raadt
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <glass@NetBSD.ORG>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 12/23/1994 11:26:09
On December 20, Theo de Raadt was asked to resign from the NetBSD
Project by the remaining members of 'core'.  This was a very difficult
decision to make, and resulted from Theo's long history of rudeness
towards and abuse of users and developers of NetBSD.  We believe that
there is no place for that type of behaviour from representatives
of the NetBSD Project, and that, overall, it has been damaging to the

This decision was difficult to make because Theo has a long history of
positive contributions to the project.  He was the principal caretaker
of NetBSD's SPARC support, and has written too much code to mention.
We are certainly willing to accept (and would very much like to see)
future contributions from Theo, but we believe that it is
inappropriate for him to be an "official" representative of the
project any longer.

Please direct replies to core@NetBSD.ORG.

Adam Glass