Subject: Re: draft RFD for comp.unix.bsd hierarchy.
To: Jeff Weisberg <>
From: Paul Richards <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/17/1994 09:50:40
In reply to Jeff Weisberg who said
> We need to make our usenet presence a bit more, well, existant.
> Move some of the mailing list traffic to the current newsgroups,
> or possibly gateway some of the lists into the news flow.

I might not be too opposed to gatewaying say questions and hackers to
a FreeBSD newsgroup. It would certainly raise the usenet profile
because it would be a pretty busy group. And I wouldn't worry too
much about the S/N ratio dropping on those lists. We've got other lists
for those who want low noise.

That'd be an argument in favour of a purely FreeBSD newsgroup though
because we couldn't just gateway our mailing lists into a group such
as *.386bsd.*

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