Subject: Trouble Getting NetBSD 1.0 to Route Packets
To: None <>
From: x3673) < ( Rob Ginn>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/03/1994 18:03:21
Hi all,
I have set up a NetBSD 1.0 system with 2 ethernet cards and am
tring to get it to route between networks.  From the system,
I can talk to either network fine, but packets do not seem to
be getting through.  Basically, the setup looks like this:

Network  : 138.60.8.(number > 128)  ---
                                      | Interface:
                                      | Netmask  :
                             NetBSD System (Gateway)
                                      | Interface:
                                      | Netmask  :
Network  : 138.60.*.*               ---

The test consists of having a system on the small subnet try to
get out.  Specifically, we had try to get to _any_
system on the far side of the gateway).  Ping did not work, nor
did telnet, rlogin, ftp, etc ...  The system _could_ talk directly
to the NetBSD gateway system and the gateway could talk to the

Have I done something really stupid?  Is there something special I
need to do for it to work? How does routed decide to rebroadcast a
packet?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Some additional
information is shown below (in case it is needed).

Here is what the routing tables look like:

sun701-gw# netstat -r
Routing tables

Destination      Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use  Interface
default          nawcadwar-gw       UG          0        0  ed0
localhost        localhost          UH          1        0  lo0
138.60           link#1             UC          0        0  ed0
nawcadwar-gw     aa:0:4:0:16:18     UHL         1        1  ed0      0:80:2d:0:7b:27    UHL         0        0  ed0
odo              2:60:8c:2e:75:91   UHL         0        0  ed0      8:0:20:4:c6:7e     UHL         0        0  ed0
sun701-tmp       0:40:95:e0:c3:6    UHL         1       24  lo0
701-ether        link#2             UC          0        0  ed1
sun701-gw        localhost          UGHS        0        1  lo0     link#2             UHL         1       15  ed1    8:0:69:2:50:b4     UHL         0        0  ed0      8:0:20:10:dd:12    UHL         1        0  ed0
160.20         UG          0        0  ed0

Here are the hostname filesfor the two ethernet boards:

sun701-gw# cat /etc/hostname.ed0
inet	sun701-tmp
sun701-gw# cat /etc/hostname.ed1
inet	sun701-gw

Thanks for your help,
Rob Ginn