Subject: Two Upgrade Questions
To: None <,>
From: Matthew Kaufman <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 11/03/1994 02:49:57
[No, I don't read any of these lists,... used to, but too busy now - sigh]

1. Have a 486-DLC system running NetBSD 0.9 that, after turning off all the
 caches, runs really well, though far too slowly. Thanks to cgd for pointing
 out the DLC cache problem to us. Now... I just got a 486DX2-66 EISA board
 to put in there. I want to just pull the current motherboard and put in
 this shiny new one but I have a few questions first:
      - Do I need to do anything to my kernel to make it work with the EISA
        motherboard/BIOS? (I'm NOT changing to an EISA drive controller, yet)
        (It'll be inconvenient to rebuild the kernel after the board swap)
      - Can I safely turn on the chip and board-level caches, now that it'll
        be an Intel 486DX2 chip, instead of a Cyrix 486DLC?
        (Wary of reactivating the filesystem decay we were having)

2. I looked around and see that NetBSD-1.0 is out, but I don't see any
 FAQ about upgrading from a running 0.9 system to 1.0, reasons I might want
 to do so, reasons I might not want to do so, how I can do it without losing
 any of the data on my 5+ GB of disk, etc. Could someone point me to the
 FAQ, or at least to answers to some of those installation/upgrade questions?

I'd like to know the answer to #1 ASAP, especially if there's things I need
to worry about, because I plan to do the board swap tomorrow. #2 is of
lower priority, unless the 1.0 upgrade is painless, and fixes the problems
I encounter most often (swap space getting consumed, crashing when I do a 'w').

Thanks for your patience, especially as I am not a reader of
these lists due to my complete lack of time to deal with other
mail, and I'm sure I would have seen some of these questions
answered had I been able to participate more fully.

- Matthew Kaufman

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