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page fault in breakpoint


syzbot found the following issue on:

HEAD commit:    8550355b26af fix line continuation in..
git tree:       netbsd
console output:
kernel config:
dashboard link:
compiler:       g++ (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110

Unfortunately, I don't have any reproducer for this issue yet.

Downloadable assets:
disk image:

IMPORTANT: if you fix the issue, please add the following tag to the commit:

[ 293.0534675] fatal page fault in supervisor mode
[ 293.0534675] trap type 6 code 0x2 rip 0xffffffff802006a0 cs 0x8 rflags 0x10002 cr2 0x20 ilevel 0 rsp 0xffffd58248c6f7a8
[ 293.0534675] fatal double faultcurlwp 0xffffd58013f4a0c0 pid 6130.6130 lowest kstack 0xffffd58248c682c0
[k er29ne3l.0:5 3p4ag6e75 ]f a ulitn  tsrupaper,v cisoodre =0m[ 
S29to3.p0pe53d 46in7 5p] iod d6e1
30t.r6ap1 3t0y (pse yz13-e cxoedceut 0o r.r3ip)  0atxffffffff8020100b cs 0x8 rflags 0x10082 cr2 0xffffd58248c57fc8 ilevel 0 rsp 0xfff fd 5 8 n24et8cb5sd7:fXdin0tr
c_huyrplewpr v0_hxfyfpferfdca58l0l1+02bxcae0:5 c0   p i dad d61b3 0 . 6 2%7al6, l0o(w%erastx )k
[ ?29
3.0534675] stack 0xffffd58248c562c0
kernel: double fault trap, code=0
Faulted in DDB; continuing...
db{0}> Xintr_hyperv_hypercall() at netbsd:Xintr_hyperv_hypercall+0xa0
--- interrupt ---
?() at 0
[ 293.0534675] panic: stack overflow detected; terminated
[ 293.0534675] cpu1: Begin traceback...
[ 293.0534675] vpanic() at netbsd:vpanic+0x282 sys/kern/subr_prf.c:291
[ 293.0534675] panic() at netbsd:panic+0x9e sys/kern/subr_prf.c:1059
[ 293.0534675] __stack_chk_fail() at netbsd:__stack_chk_fail+0x1c sys/kern/kern_ssp.c:59
[ 293.0534675] db_stack_trace_print() at netbsd:db_stack_trace_print+0x1266
[ 293.0534675] ?() at 0
[ 293.0534675] cpu1: End traceback...
[ 293.0534675] fatal breakpoint trap in supervisor mode
[ 293.0534675] trap type 1 code 0 rip 0xffffffff8023230d cs 0x8 rflags 0x286 cr2 0x20 ilevel 0x8 rsp 0xffffd58248c6e440
[ 293.0534675] curlwp 0xffffd58013f4a0c0 pid 6130.6130 lowest kstack 0xffffd58248c682c0
Stopped in pid 6130.6130 (syz-executor.3) at    netbsd:breakpoint+0x5:  leave

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