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Re: please subscribe to this group

On Sun, 22 May 2022 at 03:44, <> wrote:
> Hi guys, We've created a new mailing list named "" that we'd like to subscribe to the syzkaller-netbsd-bugs mailing list, but I haven't figured out how to convince the google groups system to let me add this new netbsd list as a member of the google mailing list. Could one of you please add that list address as a member of the syzkaller-netbsd-bugs google group? I realize that creating a clone of the google group like this is not necessary since anyone can just subscribe to the google group directly, but some of the other netbsd folks really wanted this to be available as a list for some reason. thanks, -Chuck

Hi Chuck,


+syzkaller-netbsd-bugs, let's see if this reply will appear on the
netbsd-syzbot@ list.
The archive should be here I think:
The list is not listed here (not sure if intentional):

FTR all previously reported and still open bugs are listed here (won't
appear on netbsd-syzbot@ list):

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