Subject: Support for Olimex CS-EP930x board
To: None <>
From: Ivan Vasilev <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 07/31/2006 18:29:59

I have successfuly booted and installed NetBSD3.0 on this board( http://oli= ) using a custom install kernel(based on evbarm/t=
s7200 with Technologic Systems's proprietary stuff removed). The root files=
ystem is on a USB flash drive. Things that work out of the box:
- Ethernet
- USB host controller
- serial ports

I'm planning to rewrite the factory test software to NetBSD userland progra=
m so in the future there could be some example sources for acessing the GPI=
O, ADC, EEPROM and MMC card.=20
The boot log can be found at

I have two questions though. The first one is technical - when the network =
media selection is left on auto, it fails to come up. When you manually sel=
ect a media type everything works OK. Is this a known problem and if so is =
it fixed in more recent versions? (I used the 3.0 release which is more tha=
n half a year old).=20

The second question is a legal one. From my reading of the redistribution p=
age ( ), we(Olimex) can dis=
tribute the boards with a NetBSD kernel preloaded in flash, as long as the =
board's documentation includes the relevant licensing information(along wit=
h NetBSD's source code and binary installation sets). But that's my reading=
 and I will appreciate it if somebody clarifies this point.

- Ivan
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