Subject: Re: GameBoy port now booting and has a webpage
To: Jon Gerhart <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/01/2000 22:13:46
> Just a quick note but I recently got the darn GameBoy to boot. Sort of. I 
> made a webpage for it at Let me 
> know what you think. I have got an on screen keyboard to work via the 
> joypad.

Inspired by this I took a step at porting NetBSD-current to the TI64 pocket
calculator. It's an interesting device to port too: it has a magnetic card
reader/writer you can use for a filesystem and swap space, it's got an 
alpanumeric keypad, a printer and basically everything you need.

It already boots and can run "hello.c" in single-user mode.

I would have put up images on the web but this device has no network 
connection (yet), so I have to print a hex dump and type that in, which will
take a while.

Maybe I can set up a web page first, with some screeen shots.

Whoom should I contact to get that web paged linked up in the .NetBSD.ORG


P.S.: Is my clock a month off?