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netbsd status

Here is an overview of the NetBSD porting efforts for 1.2.2 and 1.3.1.
Except where noted, all of this applies to NetBSD-1.5.1/i386.

* gdb

Thanks to Bill Huey, I pulled the appropriate patches from
binutils 2.11.2 that fixed the C++ demangling problems.

* 1.2.2

The current 1.2.2 tree compiles and seems to run correctly except for
one anomaly I can't explain yet. When I run a simple thread test program
using java, it runs correctly. When I run the same code using java_g,
I get assertion errors in the green_theads schedule.c where it is
validating signal masks. Weird.

* 1.3.1 runs JBoss/Tomcat

I have successfully run JBoss/Tomcat using the 1.3.1 build. It is
noticeably faster than 1.2.2.

* 1.3.1 won't connect to anything but :0.0

I can't get a 1.3.1 build to connect to any display except :0.0. It's
failing in the XOpenDisplay which I can't explain yet. I'm building
with XFree 4.1.0 so I'm going to try building/running with version 3
to see if anything changes.

* 1.3.1 goes into busy loop for programs using awt/x

When testing any gui code, the main window will get drawn (after a
long delay) and then it just goes into a busy loop. It appears to
be a write/SIGIO/poll/write... loop which does not happen at all
with non-gui code. However, this morning, I actually got it to
run the Notepad demo on the local display for the first time. More
debugging is required...


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