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Re: Generating pdf in base

David Holland <> writes:

> In usd:
>    begin - needs complete rewrite
>    edit - should probably be purged as nobody uses ed(1) any more

That's not true, there's a number of users who prefer using ed instead of vi.

> A bigger issue is what's *not* here; basically we don't have anything
> documenting any current or recent concerns (parallelism, desktops,
> graphics, input devices, audio, removable storage media, bluetooth,
> 802.11, ...), a lot of things that should have reference manuals don't
> (lua, pthreads, modules, proplib, ...) and there are sysadmin topics
> that ought to be addressed (most notably backups)  ...  some of this
> material belongs in the Guide, but that just means we need to be able
> to share material between htdocs and /usr/share/doc, and currently we
> can't.

I'd say that the Guide should come with the system as well...


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