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How to crossbuild on Cygwin


The attached text is a simple memo "how to crossbuild on Cygwin"
which I wrote when I played it on Windows XP + Cygwin 1.5.25
to track some related PRs.

I'm not sure if we have proper place (on www or somewhere else)
to put such text, but any volunteers or comments for
test/improve/xml'fy etc. would be appreciated.



0. See Cygwin User'g Guide first:

1. Open
 Click "Install or update now!"

2. Choose A Donwload Source:
 Select "Install from Internet" and "next"

3. Select Root Install Directory:
  "Root Directory"         -> Specify directory for Cygwin ("c:\cygwin" etc.)
  "Install for"            -> Select "All users" or "Just Me" as you like
  "Default Text File Type" -> Select "Unix / binary(RECOMMENDED)" as noted

4. Select Local Package Directory:
 Specify directory you choose

5. Slect Your Internet Connection:
 Select per your environment

6. Choose A Donwload Site:
 Use an appropriate mirror

7. Select Packages:
 Click "view" button if you want to browse all packages.

- Optional packages required for build:
  gcc-core      (3.4.4 is enough)
  sed           (XXX: not sure if it's in default)

  diffutils     (for cmp(1), required by configure scripts in src/tools)
  util-linux    (for getopt(1), required by genassym(1))
  (Note util-linux depends on perl and e2fsprogs etc.)

- Possible useful packages:
 Devel:  cvs
 Editor: vim
 Text:   less
 Net:    openssh        (for anoncvs)
 Shell:  tcsh
 Utils:  patch

8. Progress
 It will take a few minutes.

9. Create Icons
 Check buttons as you like.

10. Start Cygwin
 Click "Cygwin" icon.

11. fetch NetBSD sources
 You can see Windows' drives under /cygdrive/[drive letter]/

12. extract sources and run
 You need to specify -m and -U options:

 $ sh -m i386 -U release

 It's also recommended to specify explicit TOOLDIR and DESTDIR.

 Note netbsd-4 branch requires some patches:

Izumi Tsutsui

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