Subject: xml'izing + translating Ports
To: None <>
From: Simas Mockevicius <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 03/25/2004 13:28:11
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Hi, folks,

someday, all page will be xml'ized,
translations must be xml'ized, too, of course. With
the main files there is no problems, but with=20
Ports - it is.

Xml'izing Releases/* was not so big problem,
we have imported netbsd-webpage-<LANG>.xsl's,
some magic in and thats all.
With Ports a lot of things we need to do,
to make it customaizable. Of course, we include
some things (variables) in the same=20
netbsd-webpage-<LANG>.xsl, edit portpage.xsl,
but there are some problems:
for example in one language phrase: "NetBSD/i386 Information"
will be "NetBSD/i386 Information" (en), in Russian, it must be
"Ynfarmacija o NetBSD/i386", in LT "Informacija apie NetBSD/i386",
if you know what I mean: we can't just make some magical variable

<xsl:param name=3D"info">(Information|Ynformacyja o|Informacija apie)</xsl:=

because NetBSD/{port} is generated automagicaly.
so we need to put 4 example:

<webpage id=3D"netbsd-i386" portpage=3D"i386" info=3D"NetBSD/i386 Informati=
on" lang=3D"lt">
and then we need to work with `ancestor's and so on.

it is only one example, and I think in diferent languages there will be mor=
e problems
about that.

Maybe someone of us, can share thoughts about that?
How we can simple/fast/and especialy - Clean!, to do that
magic, and everybody would be happy?


Simas Mockevicius

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