Subject: Re: Netboot Guide
To: Andy R <>
From: Alex Kirk <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/19/2003 22:49:07
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> Alex, does this change our strategy any? We'd probably
> need to decide which docs need diffs, and which docs
> either need to go or just be completely re-written and
> replaced. 

I'd actually say that it doesn't. We weren't really going about patching 
existing files with what we'd talked about anyway -- we're working on a lot 
of new stuff -- and, as commented earlier here, any text can be marked up 
once it's written. I'd say proceed as we have been. 

> I'll look into this tool as well when I get some time.
> Possibly tonight.

Me too, though no guarantees it's tonight. Good news is, my boss at my day 
job leaves on a two-week vacation Friday...and while I have stuff to do, 
I'll certainly have more free time. :-) 

Alex Kirk 

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