Subject: Re: Netboot Guide
To: None <>
From: Alex Kirk <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/19/2003 20:57:15
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> Perhaps you are not aware, but there is now work-in-progress to
> convert the NetBSD website to Docbook XML. Docbook is not particularly
> difficult to write (or read), most people who have never seen it
> before have commented to me about how simple it is.

That makes a big difference -- if there's a standardization effort like that 
going on, there's no reason not to support it. If it's as easly as you say, 
then I don't see any problems at all. 

> I do intend to post some in-depth gory details about this, but the
> time to put it together has escaped me recently.

As I've said to many others...hey, we're all volunteers here, don't worry. 

> For a crash course, take a look at htdocs/*.{xsl,xml} and
> htdocs/releng/, which is the beginning of making this happen.


Alex Kirk 

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