Subject: Re: 2003/02/10 snapshot installation mis-adventures (and NetBSD guide)
To: None <>
From: Pavel Cahyna <>
List: netbsd-docs
Date: 02/16/2003 10:44:31
> > yes, sysinst is really quite horrid. Another problem is that the
> > installation is "linear", that is, a sequence of steps in predefined
> [...]
> Look at :-)


A comment regarding this document: it reccomends to type dmesg to
discover what is your network card etc. But AFAIC there is no dmesg
command in the installation filesystem. I work around this by jumping to
ddb, which has its ow dmesg command.

Also, the hostname should probably not be set in /etc/defaults/rc.conf,
as the document suggests, but in /etc/rc.conf .

[ Cc-ing the original author and netbsd-docs because of that ]

Of course all this is not ideal. For example, the partiton editor of
sysinst is quite nice and AFAIC you can't use it in this manual
procedure. It would be nice to have a shell permanently running on a
second virtual terminal (if wscons are used) so it would be possible to
easy combine sysints with steps done manually, and also to do some
diagnostics without breaking the installation procedure etc.

Bye	Pavel