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re: port-evbarm/57614: Kernel panic rebooting a Pine64 RockPro64 with netbsd10.0_beta; successful after panic reboot.

do you have devices plugged in to the usb2 (ehci) port?  if possible,
can you use the usb3 (xhci) port only and see if the problem occurs?

i've seen this problem (at least the syncmem version of it) irregularly
for a while on rk3399 (pinebookpro mostly, not very often on rockpro64),
but i haven't yet figured out what causes it.

i don't think there's a race condition related fsck, while it normally
happens at reboot, i've seen it after being up, and then later inserting
a usb device and it crashed.

(i thought i'd logged a PR about it, but i can't find it.)

can you build a kernel with USB_DEBUG, UHUB_DEBUG, XHCI_DEBUG, and
EHCI_DEBUG debug options enabled, and with set these sysctl values
in /etc sysctl.conf:


and then when it crashes, you can either collect a crash dump or if
the serial console works properly, simply run this:

  db{1}> show kernhist usbhist

which will output a bunch debugging events from before the crash.



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