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Re: toolchain/57584: Running with -N 3 or -N 4 causes debug logging to be included in the MKVARS shell variable in distrib/sets/sets.subr

But the patch also changes the MAKEVERBOSE setting from being in the environment to being in the make command line,
and that will not work I think.

> -MKVARS="$( MAKEVERBOSE= ${MAKE} -B -f ${rundir}/ mkvars | ${SED}
> -e 's,=.*,,' | ${XARGS} )"
> +MKVARS="$( ${MAKE} -B -f ${rundir}/ MAKEVERBOSE=0 mkvars |
> ${SED} -e 's,=.*,,' | ${XARGS} )"

What happens if you run:

MKVARS="$( MAKEVERBOSE=0 ${MAKE} -B -f ${rundir}/ mkvars | ${SED} -e 's,=.*,,' | ${XARGS} )"
echo "sets.subr contains: " $MKVARS


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