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Re: toolchain/57431: tool m4 can't regen tools/compat/configure

On 23-05-24 07:00, Luke Mewburn wrote:
  | >Number:         57431
  | >Category:       toolchain
  | >Synopsis:       tool m4 can't regen tools/compat/configure
  | It's not possible to run "$TOOLDIR/bin/make -C tools/compat regen"
  | with $TOOLDIR/bin/nbm4 as the m4 implementation for tools/autoconf;
  | nbm4 complains about a regular expression used within autoconf.
  | GNU M4 works fine.
  | This makes it tricky to regen tools/compat after modifying
  | tools/compat/ for other issues.

I analysed this further - see discussion on source-changed-d:

In short, we don't need Christos' rev 1.2 change to
and should revert that.

What we need to do is change unescaped GNU m4 regexp and patsubst
'{' and '}' to '\{' and '\}', because GNU m4 regexp is imp

GNU m4 regexp is implemented using gnulib Emacs-mode regexp
which are documented in

Specifically, { and } have no special meaning for GNU m4;
these are not interval characters, and \{ and \} are not
the equivalent (unlike POSIX BREs).

I have experimented with converting our m4's -g mode (GNU emulation)
to escape { and } in regexes (in the twiddle()) function and
this seems to work. Further testing is required.

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