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Re: misc/55757 (Builds fail to clean up temporary files)

On 23-05-21 07:05, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
  | asked:
  |  > Is this still an issue building -current?
  |  Thank you for looking into this.  Looks like it is no longer an issue
  |  building -current.  I just checked the /tmp on,
  |  and although it is still accumulating temporary files, it is now doing
  |  so at a much slower rate than when the PR was filed, and all the ones
  |  I examined were either from builds of branches other than HEAD or from
  |  builds of historical versions of -current.

Are you happy for the PR to be closed now, or do you want to wait until
you've done root cause analysis using automated bisection as described

  |  > I've looked through the sources for "cdtor.c" references and it's
  |  > just in gcc's collect2.c. There were some changes in how that
  |  > file was generated in the import of gcc 9.3.0 on 2020-09-05.
  |  > As far as I can tell, the *cdtor.c and *cdtor.o files are
  |  > saved persistently with -save-temps, or are created with mkstemps()
  |  > by make_temp_file_with_prefix() (backend for make_temp_file())
  |  > in libiberty/make-temp-file.c.
  |  > Files created by mkstemps() should be cleaned up on process exit,
  |  > unless the (gcc) process terminates abnormally.
  |  I don't think it was fixed by the gcc 9.3.0 import specifically,
  |  because the PR said the problem was present in an amd64 build of
  |  sources from 2020-10-26, which is after gcc 9.3.0 was enabled on
  |  amd64.  I'm currently running an automated bisection to find out when
  |  it was actually fixed, but that will take another day or so to
  |  complete.
  |  > If the files are still occurring, are they from the tools gcc,
  |  > or the hosts's native gcc?
  |  According to the PR, the .ld files are from the build of biosboot,
  |  and since biosboot is not itself a tool, presumably the files are
  |  from the tools gcc.
  |  -- 
  |  Andreas Gustafsson,

It would be interesting to know where the issue got resolved.

That said, if it was an issue in the host compiler (e.g., older gcc
with a bug in temp file handling), then it's quite feasible that
the bug is observed in a build of -current after the 9.3.0 gcc was
imported - i.e., the PR being 6 weeks after said import - depending
upon the age of the host compiler.


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