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Re: toolchain/41266 ( invoked mkisofs has wrong path for iso image)

On 23-05-19 09:25, Hauke Fath wrote:
  |  On 5/19/23 10:03, Luke Mewburn wrote:
  |  >    | mkisofs: Error is considered fatal, aborting.
  |  > 
  |  > Well this time the error was "File [...] did shrink" not "File [...] did grow".
  |  Shrink, grow, what's the difference.  ;)
  |  Something is fiddling with the files while mkisofs is reading them, as 
  |  it shouldn't.

Possibly, but there's nothing obvious in the way that isos are
generated; it should be serial (not parallel) make by that point.

If you run the failing mkisofs command manually do you get the same

Maybe mkisofs has a bug in this case?  I had a quick look at the mkisofs
source from its git repo
The warning/error is generated in mkisofs/write.c write_one_file().

  |  > Should we move this problem to a separate ticket, or do we rename the
  |  > title/subject of this one to reflect this issue?
  |  I changed the title; we have enough PRs as it is.

Good idea!

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