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Re: kern/56982: mutex error (locking against myself) in wdc(4) NOIRQcase?

On 2022/08/28 20:28, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
wdc(4) with NOIRQ worked on DIGNOSTIC kernel for hpcsh/current a while ago.

Hmm. Maybe I should also check HEAD instead of patched 9.3..

I've checked that -current kernel as of today with DIAGNOSTIC boots
successfully into multiuser on Jornada 690. (Older) dmesg is:

My guess is: This is because wdc(4) for mac68k is too hackish. As tsutsui@
pointed out in port-mac68k/56973, this driver registers interrupt
handler, *AND* it also enables polling mode (ATAC_CAP_NOIRQ).

I don't know what exactly goes on, but I *imagine* that sometime interrupt
is raised, and sometimes isn't, c.f.:

I don't think it's likely. AFAICT the IDE interrupt has never been
triggered at least on my LC630, and Linux/m68k also removed these
interrupt register checks:
  >> This was tested on my Quadra 630. I haven't tested it on my PowerBook 150
  >> because I don't have a RAM adapter board for it. It appears that the
  >> hardware I tested doesn't need macide_clear_irq() or macide_test_irq().
  >> If it did, the generic driver would not have worked. It's possible that
  >> those routines are needed for the PowerBook 150 but we can cross that
  >> bridge if and when we come to it.

Thanks for explanation. It would be useful to have some comments in
the source code.


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