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Re: kern/56932: x68k frequently hangs up after uvm change in 9.99.75

At Tue, 26 Jul 2022 20:20:03 +0000 (UTC),
Chuck Silvers wrote:
> this thread is the problem.  it's calling uvm_wait() to wait
> for the pagedaemon to free memory while holding a page-owner lock
> (either a vm_anon or uvm_object lock), and this is no doubt
> the same lock that the pagedaemon is stuck on.
> the attached patch should fix this, please give it a try.

The problem looks to be gone by this patch!
I could complete boot-login-shutdown cycle 5 times without
the problem both on an emulator and on the real X68030.

Please commit it (and close this PR).
Thank you for your quick fix!
Tetsuya Isaki < />

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