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Re: kern/56699: Cabletron EA419 SCSI to Ethernet adapter can't successfully download files during installation

Hi David,

> I acquired a Cabletron EA419 SCSI to Ethernet adapter and was able to get it to connect to the network during netbsd installation on my Atari TT030.  I can ping and at least connect to servers via FTP.  However when I attempt to actually pull down sets during an install, either via HTTP or FTP, it's unsuccessful.  Sysinst hangs, though it's not a full kernel panic.

> Observe the system hangs when sets start to download.
> This occurs on my Atari TT030 system, and I suspect it will also be the case on other systems where the EA419 is used.

I have one of these adapters and I made some changes in 2020 that make it
work again for me (I was testing on a single CPU sparc32 system).  See:

revisions 1.105, 1.106, 1.107, 1.111.  However, I didn't test these changes
with a netbsd-9.x system.

Would you be able to try a current kernel/installation?



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